The Sav-A-Lot and Peebles parking lot is a favorite hang out for seagulls. Not sure why, but they really seem to like it there and quite often you can find several of them socializing with their friends, sunning themselves, and showing off their fancy take-off and landing skills. I happened to be driving by that parking lot on my way to TOPS and noticed a big flock of them all huddled together just “chilling out”.

So, I pulled in to snap some photos of them. I wasn’t the only car that pulled in the parking lot – at least two in front of me drove by them and they didn’t seem to be phased in the least – didn’t ruffle any feathers there! But, I didn’t just drive by – I stopped near them and put the car in park. They got all excited, stood up, and ran towards me across the parking spots! But the time I got my camera out and ready, they were all standing just a few feet from my door squawking at me and flapping they wings! I think they thought I was going to toss some food out for them! I took a few photos and felt so bad about getting them all worked up over nothing, that I decided to leave and come back after my shopping with a loaf of bread to share with them.

As I circled around them to leave the parking lot, they all – in almost perfect unison – turned in place to watch me drive off. I can only imagine they were thinking, “hey, lady, where’s the food?”!!! hahaha

I got the few things I needed at the grocery store, including a loaf of bread, and returned to toss it out for the seagulls. They were soooooooo happy and gobbled up the entire loaf in a matter of minutes while I snapped a few more photos. I kept snapping rapidly and ended up with 148 photos. I scanned through them quickly to make the photos look like a movie – it was so funny, I laughed and laughed!

Here are a few that I found especially fun and cropped for emphasis:

Here they are running to greet me when I first pulled in and parked!


Here they are in an eating frenzy – thoroughly enjoying the fresh bread tossed out for them


This little guy is squawking his head off at me inches from my car door — I imagine he’s saying “Thank you”!!!


When I noticed these two in the crowd, I had to crop them out!

In my mind, they are a married couple and the “wife” is really nagging on her “husband”….

….and he’s trying really hard to ignore her!!! HAHA


This is a beautiful image of grace against the pretty blue sky


This one reminds me of Dracula about to wrap his cape around a beautiful woman to partake of her blood – he has hypnotized her with his glance to make her a willing participant – she is at his mercy!


These two came right up to the door and starred up at me – I said “you’re welcome” and they trotted off!


A couple “take off and landing” show offs!!!


I caught this one putting on the brakes in preparation of a perfect landing!


And, another smooth landing – BRAVO!!!


I had fun and enjoyed my time with these beautiful creatures……I think I’ll stop by and visit them again…….this time I won’t tease them – I’ll be sure to have the bread ready to share!

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