Sunday Stills – Bad Weather

This week’s Sunday Stills Challenge was an easy one…..Ed asked for Bad Weather photos! Since we have had more than our share of bad weather during this historically brutal winter here in Western New York (and it is only January), I had plenty of opportunities to snap some examples of bad weather. The difficulty came in deciding what I would focus on for my photos! I thought about it while I was out and about yesterday, but my idea came to me this morning……the bitter cold aspect would be my focus. So, here you go……

 The thermometer on my patio – taken about 7:30 this morning:


Breakfast on the patio, anyone?


How about if we curl up on the wicker set to read a good book?


And, finally…..a screen photo of the Accuweather app on my iPhone – note the “Real Feel” temp of -21 degrees!!! Bbbrrr!!! (Um – was it really necessary to point out that “Today is a poor day for Outdoor Fitness”???)


I think I’ll close out this post and go fix a HOT cup of cocoa and move my swivel rocker closer to the fireplace and stay there until SPRING!!!

To all those across the country that are enduring unusually cold winter weather, stay warm and safe!!!

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