Good Catch, Katie!

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the girls and their meal time routine (click here to refresh your memory – it will help this post make more sense). Well, while I was serving up tonight’s dinner, Katie added a new twist to the story and gave me something to laugh about!

As with every meal, they were all lined up just a foot or two from their respective dishes. I scooped in Katie’s meal first – as usual. Then, I scooped in Amy’s meal…..but, in the process, one morsel fell from the scoop and rolled towards Katie. Now, usually when this happens, they all just stare at it and each other while I pick up whatever dropped and put it in the bowl that it was meant to go in before it dropped! But, tonight….with the speed and precision of a lightening bolt, Katie grabbed the morsel just as it stopped rolling a few inches from her feet. But…..she didn’t eat it – cause, you know, they wait until they are all served and are told to eat…, she didn’t eat it – she just grabbed it into her mouth and in one swift motion, dropped it into her own dish and stepped back to her position in line! Of course, this was technically Amy’s morsel, but it was Katie’s for the taking….and take it, she did!

Good catch, old girl……and, yes, I did put an extra morsel in Amy’s dish to replace the one that was lost to Katie (not that she would have noticed, but it was the right thing to do)!


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