It’s a Girl

Babies…….they bring so much joy into a family!  Our family was blessed with a new baby this week and I can not tell you how full of love my heart is for this little angel!  She is perfect!  Yes, I’m biased and yes, that sometimes clouds people’s judgement and opinions, but anyone looking at her would surely agree that she is the pure definition of beauty and perfection!  This makes me a great-aunt for the second time.  She joins her older brother who will be three in January.

While all babies are special and my great-nephew is my absolute favorite little man, this little sweetheart brings an extra special bit of joy for me.  You see, I was not blessed with children of my own – although I raised a stepson that I loved very much.  So, I won’t have the pleasure of grandchildren.  Also, my brother and I lived in different states when his children were born, so they were both several months old when I first saw and held them.  The same for my great-nephew – I lived 800+ miles away from my nephew and his wife when he was born and he, too, was several months old when I got to meet him.  Now that I have moved back home, I am closer to him and can see him much more often.  And the best part —- I got to see and hold his little sister within a day of her birth!  My cup runneth over!

So, now there are two and shopping for the holidays and birthdays will not only be full of trucks and blue and other little boy things.  It will, now, also be full of dresses and dolls and hair bows and pink and other little girl things!  Yes, I know……..these stereo-types are not necessarily true, anymore, and that’s OK!  But, at least for now, I will have so much fun shopping for a little boy and a little girl and enjoying the distinction!  What fun – I love to shop for the little ones!

Now, my great-nephew…he is a real trip — remember, I said he’ll be three in January!  He never ceases to amaze me at how old he acts and how smart he is!  When I got to the hospital to meet his little sister, he rushed to the door to show me his new camera – a real digital camera, but made for a child with large buttons and a tough case.  He said, “I got my own camera!  You take pictures with it, you know!”  and then handed it to me and said, “You can take a picture of your own self!”  haha  When I asked him what he thought of his little sister, he said, “My baby is CUTE!  I kiss and hug her a lot!”  When he was told he would be getting a baby sister and they asked him what he thought they should name her, he instantly said “Penguin”!  And, he has stuck with that ever since and is still adamant that her name shall be Penguin!  So, our little Penguin will have a wonderful big brother, for sure!

So, excuse me for gushing, but I have the most amazing great-nephew and great-niece in the whole wide world!!!  I am thrilled for the opportunity to watch them grow up and love them to pieces!

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