Expanding My Horizons

When you discover a way to combine something you enjoy doing with other interests in your life, it is only natural to take advantage of the opportunity.  It is no secret that I enjoy writing stories about my thoughts, adventures, and any other topics that pique my interest.  I have also come to enjoy being active in my church and participating in the many activities, fundraisers, and get togethers that the church has to offer.  I found myself writing about certain adventures I’ve had with the church here on this blog, but gave a lot of thought to branching off and dedicating a blog to church related activities, news, and information.  So, I have expanded my horizons and created the Albion First United Methodist Church Blog!

Look to the right hand column under “Blog Roll” to find the link!

No – I’m not abandoning this blog – Thoughts By Kim will continue to be devoted to my personal thoughts and adventures.  The new blog will be an extension of my writings, but will also be more than that.  I hope to grow the Albion FUMC Blog into a full-blown news and communication source for church related activities.  We already have a web site and send info to the newspapers, so I am hoping that this blog will compliment those sources by being an additional communication option and a place to provide more details and photos than the other options allow for.  I also plan to write about the history and occassionally highlight some of the people in an effort to gain more community interest in the church.

So, now you have not one, but TWO ways to follow me and my grand adventures, experiences, and thoughts!  Lucky you!  🙂  I hope you enjoy both my blogs and visit often!

Thanks for visiting my blog - I'd love to hear your comments!

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