Laugh Out Loud Funny!

OK, so yesterday morning I was going about my business of getting myself ready for the day.  You know, making the bed, brushing my teeth, putting clothes in the laundry, going from room to room upstairs doing all the morning ritual things I do every day……..including laying out the clothes I planned to wear on the bed so they were ready for me when I got out of the shower.  Most of the time I come out of the shower and my clothes are right where I left them, neatly folded and ready to put on.  Sometimes, however, they are fluffed up and turned into a pillow for Megan to enjoy.  Well, this morning, I returned to the bedroom to find one of the funniest sights I’ve seen in a long time…… funny, I laughed out loud so hard I had to sit down to compose myself!!!

Picture it……..Megan is sitting in the middle of the bed looking all innocent and sweet……….with my underwear on her head!!!  The waistband was draped around her shoulders, her head was sticking out one of the leg holes, and the…..well, shall we just say the center piece between the leg holes……was positioned neatly across the top of her head!!!  And she was just sitting there all prim and proper looking at me like there was nothing at all unusual going on!

When I saw her, I cracked up, bent over and slapped my knees, and sat down on the bench at the foot of the bed so I could continue laughing without falling over onto the floor in hysterics!!!  Megan, always the character, knew I was laughing at her, so she went into full performance mode wiggling and rolling around on the bed all excited and eager to please her audience…….she pulled at her costume until she had one of her front legs caught in the same leg hole her head was protruding through!  Frustrated at that, she flopped around until she freed herself and shook her head and threw the costume half way across the room onto the floor!  She, then, came to me for her applause……..a ritualistic combination of rubs, pats, and kisses while she rolled around on the bed playing with my hands.

I know…’re all wondering where the picture is……surely, I would take and post the photo of such a humorous scene!  Nope – no photo!  First, I, of course, didn’t have a camera upstairs and handy, so capturing Megan in her comical costume was not in the cards.  But, even if I had been lucky enough to get a photo, I certainly wouldn’t post it on here……..well, maybe if I were to recreate it with a sleek, sexy little leopard print thong……..hhhmmm, nope, not even then!!!  Sorry, you’ll just have to use your imagination (and if you do, please imagine it with the sleek, sexy little leopard print thong)!

Have a great day………and find something to laugh out loud at – it really does make the day feel so much more enjoyable!

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