Saturday Evening on the Patio

This evening, like most evenings, I went out to water the plants and new trees and bushes just after the sun really got into its initial descent for the night – about 7:30-ish.  I started with the front yard and then headed out to do the back yard.  I left the patio door open so the girls could watch me do the front yard either from the back yard through the fence or from inside looking out the windows.  Then, when I did the back yard, they followed me around making sure I did it right and didn’t miss a pot!!!  It was such a gorgeous evening, so when I finished with the back yard, I sat on the wicker love seat on the patio to take some time to enjoy it with the girls.  I love relaxing on the patio and just sitting back and listening to the sounds and watching the sky and tree tops.

Tonight, the air was a comfortable mid-70 degrees and the sky was still a bright, clear blue and it wasn’t “buggy” at all.  I leaned my head back and watched as the light, feathery clouds floated slowly across the sky and the tree tops waved ever so gently – barely moving.  The birds were chirping and there were some distant sounds of a party – some faint music and voices with laughter.  Amy started out sitting on the love seat beside me while Katie sat on the patio gazing across the yard to the neighbors and Megan wandered aimlessly around the yard playing with her ball and sniffing for signs of intruders (or bugs……).  I watched as a jet glided across the sky leaving the tell-tale white jet stream behind.  I wondered where it was going, who was on it, what their stories were, and what their plans would be once they made it to their destinations.  As the sun set, it shined on the tree tops, making them glow.  The yellow tips on the Locus tree just across my fence line shined bright in stark contrast to the darker Maple trees behind it.  Such beauty to behold!

After a little while, Amy got down to pester Katie and give her kisses.  Megan immediately noticed the empty spot next to me and seized the opportunity to join me on the love seat to show me her ball – as if it was a brand new ball that she found lurking in the grass – not the same ball that she has brought to show me at least a thousand times before.  Once I had a chance to adequately praise the beauty of her ball, she leaped down and ran out into the grass with it, dropping it for something more interesting that caught her attention.  Soon, I was drifting off into la-la land from the gentle breeze on my face……..all three dogs were sprawled out either on the patio or in the grass – mostly dozing and occasionally looking up in response to a bird flying low across the yard or a sound that interested them.  I had just decided it was about time to go in when Katie decided to take her turn beside me on the love seat.  So, to keep her from feeling like I didn’t want to sit with her, I stayed a while longer with one arm around her shoulders and holding her hand – she loves to hold hands!

When I finally did give in and went inside, I found a surprise in the form of a plastic wrapper on the living room floor.  Upon closer examination, I noticed that it previously contained the eight hamburger buns I purchased earlier in the day, but hadn’t put in the bread box, yet…….and, apparently, left too close to the edge of the counter in the kitchen.  The bag was empty —- not a crumb remained —- all eight of the buns, gone —- all eight of them!!!!  I concluded that Megan decided to take advantage of the time it took me to water the front yard plants – I know it was Megan and I know it was while I was in the front yard, because I noticed Megan in the house through the living room windows and the other two in the back yard while I was in front and then, all three followed me around while I was in the back.  So, Megan had quite an evening snack…….little piglet that she is…….and I need to get more buns for the hamburgers I planned for dinner sometime in the next couple of days!!!

So, that was my Saturday evening……..what a joy (except for the discovery at the end)!

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