$#*t Happens……

OK, so I know that “stuff” happens and there’s not much you can do but laugh (or cry, as the case may be) at it and move on.  But, when the same (or very similar) thing happens twice within a short amount of time, you have to think there is a “force” of some kind out to get you!  I’ve never been one to think the world is out to get me……even though I really do seem to be a magnet for the odd, bazaar, and unusual circumstances.  But, this morning really made me wonder “why me?”!!!

It all started a few weeks ago.  My brother and his wife were here painting the inside of my garage.  When my sister-in-law was cleaning up, she took the paint tray out to the driveway to rinse it out with the hose.  She was struggling to get the hose to turn on when it suddenly shot a hard blast of water into the paint tray, which twisted in her hand from the pressure and splattered white paint all over the hood of my beautiful red Mustang!!!  OMG!!!  I just stood there in shock!!!  I couldn’t breathe or move or even believe what I was seeing!  Luckily, it was water based paint, so she rinsed the car off and then I rinsed it, again, and took it to the turbo car wash here in town.  It looked like we got it all, but when it dried, there was still a slight milky film, so I took it to the Auto Detailing shop run by ARC in Medina and it was my old vibrant red pony again!  I was able to laugh about it – after all, it was a freak accident – no one’s fault and it was all fixed, so no problem, right?

Well, this morning I was headed to the Albion Strawberry Festival.  I found a good spot to park, but it was on the other side of the street.  Just up another block was my brother’s house, so I pulled into the driveway just to turn around to go back to the parking spot.  When I got into the driveway, I saw their garage door open and thought “cool, they’re home, I’ll stop in to say hi”!  So, I pulled down the driveway to the back yard.  Just about the end of the driveway, I heard a “POP” and saw something spray up on the side of the car.  I pulled around, got out, and said “OK, what’d I hit?”.  My brother said “Oh my God……you do NOT want to come around and look at this”!!!  Not heeding his warning, I walked around to the passenger side of the car and found it COVERED with thick, goopy paint – a light pale silvery gray color!  I paused and stared at it for a moment and then cracked up in hysterical laughter!!!!  I was obviously in shock and couldn’t believe my eyes!  Apparently, my sister-in-law had just walked away from her paint tray (they are painting their house), which was in the driveway, and I didn’t see it and ran over it – in fact, the crumbled paint tray was still caught between my tire and the body of my car!!!  Again, luckily the paint was latex and water based – it washed off (if she had been working on the trim, instead, the paint would have been oil based and I would have been in serious trouble)!!!  To be safe, I ran through the turbo car wash and will make an appointment to get it hand washed, again, but it looks like it made it through another possible disaster!

So, should I read anything into this?  Was it just my bazaar luck to have two freak accidents so close together that both involved dowsing my beautiful pony with paint?  Or is something trying to tell me I need a paint job or something bad is lurking in the future for my car?  Nope – not gonna think that way!  It is just one more colorful story I have to tell about my beloved pony – one I can look back on and laugh!  Cause, after all, $#*t happens and what good would it do to get all freaked out about it?

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