Snowball Catch

Yeah, I know – it has been a while since I shared any thoughts.  It definitely wasn’t due to lack of things to write……take today, for instance.  I just had a blast in the back yard with the girls!  So much so, that I just had to get on here and share it!

I need to set the stage…….since I moved back to Albion, the weather has been rather unexpected, to say the least.  We had a very mild, and on several days actually WARM, November and December and NO white Christmas!  (Boo on the no white Christmas, but Yay on the mild, warm days)  Then, we had our first winter blast last week.  A lesson I learned was to go out and clear the patio for the girls the next time it snowed.  Last week, the snow was light and fluffy and they easily just ran right through it.  Well, as soon as it started to melt, some, their foot tracks turned slushy and then froze hard – which made it difficult for them to walk on to get off the patio and out into the yard to do their business.  So, since it snowed quite a bit yesterday afternoon and through the night, I figured I had better take my nice “snow pusher” out and clear their path on the patio and the steps down out into the yard.  I bundled up with boots, heavy coat zipped up to my eye brows, and gloves, grabbed my snow pusher, and the four of us ventured out onto the patio.  There was a significant amount of snow, but it was fluffy, so it didn’t take long to clear them a wide path and clean off the steps.

While I was doing my job, the girls were quite curious and excited about what I was doing.  They ran around me and watched and played in the mounds I was creating.  Then the real fun started!  I got the idea to toss some snow balls and see what they would do.  The snow really isn’t right for packing, so they weren’t nicely formed snow balls, but they still looked like a ball.  I formed my first one and tossed it at Amy, who was closest to me at the time.  She just stood there and it hit her in the face!  I cracked up and laughed so hard at her!  She came over and put her feet up on my hip, so I could brush the snow off her face.  I thought, well, Megan will enjoy a snow ball, so I formed another one and tossed it at her.  She leaped up and tried to catch it, but missed.  She rooted around in the snow looking for it – of course, it was just powder, so it disappeared, but she was determined to find it!  I laughed out loud, again.  So, the game began………I formed a snow ball and tossed it at each of them in turn.  Amy caught on and began to leap at them to catch them.  Katie danced around loving every minute of it.  Megan would try to catch it on her turn, root around for it, then take off running like the wind all around the fence line and back in time for her next turn!  Katie bounced and danced all over the place – lunging at Amy and barking at the snow balls being thrown at her.  It was really cold, so it didn’t last too long – maybe 10-15 minutes or so until I noticed Amy was holding her feet up in alternate steps and I decided they had been out in the cold too long.  We went back in the house and they ran all over the place continuing their play time before they gave out and curled up for a nap.

I had a BLAST – I laughed so hard and really, really enjoyed the snow and the fresh air and watching the girls having fun.  It was a good morning!  I can’t wait to do it again tomorrow!  hehehehe

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