Never Ceases to Amaze Me!

I’ve always known that Megan is smarter than the average dog – REALLY – I mean the girl is always thinking, scheming, and understands everything!  But, every now and then, she does something that still absolutely amazes me and makes me realize she has a lot more going on in that brain of her’s than I could ever imagine!  Here’s why:

Megan is the toy lover.  She gets so much enjoyment out of her toys.  Katie doesn’t show much interest in toys and Amy has an occassional spark of interest in a ball or something that makes noise, but not too often.  It is Megan who keeps the toys active in our house!  Some, she gets right into and it is no time at all before they are in shreds.  While other toys last longer – not that she couldn’t tear them up instantly – she just doesn’t!  The ones that she “spares” get carried around and loved for several weeks or months before they bite the dust, depending on the toy.  The odd one is a small yellow ball.  She has had this toy pretty much the 5 years she’s been living with me!  She carts it around everywhere, shows it off to everyone who comes to the house, and is very possessive of it.  It stopped squeaking a few years ago – something that usually makes her lose interest in any cherished toy – and it is grimy from constantly being played with.  I have purchased new versions of the exact same ball several times over the years and she won’t have anything to do with them – she only wants that one specific ball!  She could have chewed it up years ago, but never did.  Other toys have come and gone, but this ball has lasted and lasted and is the only ball that she will even look at.

Until last night!

I heard her chewing on something behind me and when I checked it out, she had torn a little piece off the ball.  I snatched it away from her and said – “now you’ve done it!  I’m going to have to throw it away cause you’re starting to eat it!”  She got a look of panic on her face and tried to take it back.  I put it up on the desk and she tried and tried to get it, but it was just out of her reach.  I gave it back for just a minute to see what she would do and she immediately started tearing it up, again, so I took it back.  I tried to be sneaky when I tossed it in the trash can, but she saw me do it and got all upset!  I thought she might try to get it out of the can, but didn’t – much to my surprise!  I tried to get her interested in another yellow one that is out for Amy when she feels like playing, but she didn’t want any part of it!

Then, this morning, she came out of the room that has the box of old toys with a blue ball in her mouth – one of the newer versions of the same ball, except blue instead of yellow, that I bought some years ago and she never touched.  She came out all proud and squeaking it and started to toss it around and play with it.  I commented on her new ball and she got all excited.  When she left it alone, I asked her where her ball was and she went and brought the “new” blue one to me.  She hasn’t let it out of her sight since she took it out of the box.  She has moved on…….I guess she saw her old one go in the trash can and decided it was gone and she’d better give in and get herself another one!  She definitely knows and can think through more than I think she does!

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