Early Morning Memory

As I laid in bed this morning with my blanket over my head trying desperately to pretend I had returned to a blissful sleep after hitting my snooze button for the third time, I was struck with a memory.  I have no idea what made me think of it or why I would, but there it was…..racing through my mind……making it impossible to achieve my goal of just one more nine minute span of sleep before the alarm went off for the fourth time.  You’d think that at a time like this, the only thing entering my mind would be something really quite important – like suddenly being reminded I have an early meeting or a call I need to make or maybe something I’m supposed to tell someone today or something that has some substantial meaning and benefit to me to remember!  Nope – not this time!

The memory went like this:  I had a vivid image in my mind of going in to the bathroom at my Mom’s house and sliding the door closed (her bathroom has a door that slides into the wall when it is open) and seeing a poster that I put there when I was in high school.  The poster is no longer there and all signs of it having been there are gone, as well.  But, apparently, the memory of it lives on!

Picture this:  Teenage girl purchases a poster she thinks will be so funny to have on that bathroom door to give everyone a laugh who goes in and closes it.  She sneaks it into the house, goes into the bathroom, closes the door, and uses double stick tape to secure it to the inside of the door.  Not just a little tape, mind you – no, she uses the super-duper industrial strength double stick tape and completely covers the entire border of the poster and carefully affixes it to the door so there are no wrinkles and no way it can fall off (or be removed with anything less than a crowbar).  She laughs hysterically at her ingenious idea and leaves the room.  She waits impatiently with great anticipation for the first time one of her family members goes in to discover the fun.  Soon, her mother is the inaugural enterer.  Snickering to herself, she awaits her reaction, but it is not the reaction she anticipated.  A loud “what the hell is this?” comment comes from the bathroom.  She runs to the door laughing and asking “isn’t it cute?”  The Mom did concede that the poster was cute, but was not particularly happy that it was literally cemented to the door.

The poster?  Well, it was of a monkey sitting on an old-fashioned toilet with his pants down around his ankles and a banana in one hand and the pull chain to the flusher in the other hand – the caption read “GO BANANAS”! Hahahahahahahahahaha – I still smile and laugh when I think of it!  Hahahahahaha

The poster remained on the door for quite some time — not sure if my memory that it stayed there for years is accurate or an exaggeration, but it was there a LONG time, regardless.  It had to – removing it was not going to be an easy task!  Guests who came and used the bathroom roared over it when they would shut the door.  Finally, it had to come down – it was starting to tear and look bad.  So, Mom carefully removed it……..along with the finish and the stain on the wood door in a perfect rectangle the size of the poster!  As she sanded and refinished the door, she drove home the request  order to NEVER do that again!

So, on with my day —- wonder how long this image will be stuck in my head as the day goes on!

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