Just Plain Bazaar

I had a bazaar experience at the grocery store on the way home from work today!  I popped in for a few groceries – of course, ended up getting more than I planned, so actually had about 6 or 8 bags in the cart.  When I was about 1/2 way through with loading the bags into my trunk, I heard what sounded like stones or pellets being thrown behind me.  I turned around and saw that it was POURING down huge drops of rain – the size of quarters – in a heavy sheet on the cars in the row behind me!  But, it wasn’t raining a single drop on me!  I was so surprised to see it absolutely drenching the cars just across the aisle between the rows from me and not on me that I stood there with my mouth wide open for a couple of seconds.  Then, I turned and started to put the last two bags into the trunk.  Well, as soon as I turned, it hit me!  And, it came down so hard and heavy that by the time I got those two bags in the trunk, put the cart in the rack that was right beside my car, and got in the car, I was DRENCHED – totally soaked!!!  I sat there for a minute catching my breath and laughing at myself!  If I just hadn’t gawked at the rain behind me, I would have likely made it in the car without getting soaked.

Then, I drove out of it and down the street to the house.  I could see the rain coming up behind me in the rear view mirror.  As soon as I pulled into the garage and shut the door, the down pour hit the house!  HA!  I beat it, that time!  hahaha

I got in the house and, of course, the girls wanted to go out, like usual!  I opened the door, even though it was pouring out, because they are good in the house all day and deserve to be able to pee when I get home.  They ran out, hesitated on the deck for a second, proceeded down onto the patio and onto the grass, and spun around to run back in the house!  They decided it wasn’t worth it and they could wait just a little bit longer!  I laughed so hard at them!  They got to go back out and take care of business about 5 minutes later when it died down to just a normal rainfall.

So – that was my excitement and good laugh of the day!

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