Drive-In Movies

I grew up during the height of the Drive-In theater popularity.  I loved spending time at the Orleans Drive-In as a child and as a teen.  Many memories center around nights at the drive-in. 

Random thoughts / memories involving drive-in theaters:

  • Mom would load us up in the station wagon wearing our jammies and toting our pillows and blankets.  When we arrived at the drive-in and Mom got parked, we would go into the concession stand and get popcorn, drinks, hot dogs, etc. — cheap dinner and a movie for the family!  Then, Kevin and I would run down to the park area at the base of the screen to play.  They had swings, slides, and that thing that you would run to get it spinning and then jump on and ride around in circles until it stopped!  When we saw the cartoons start, we’d run back to the car to settle in for the cartoons and as much of the movie before we’d fall asleep in the back of the station wagon.
  • On nice nights, we might sit out on the hood or roof of the car or on lawn chairs we would bring with us.
  • The concession stand teasers were so much fun……especially the count down to show time with the snacks doing circus acts.  I particularly remember the hot dog doing flips before it leaps into the bun! 
  • An important ritual after leaving the drive-in was to drive through town before we headed home.  Mom would wake us up and we’d drive down main street to see the stop lights flashing — the town put them on flashing after midnight.  We’d get a big kick out of it and being able to say we were up late enough to see it!
  • I was small for my age, so I was able to get in for the “under 12 is free” admission fee until I was 16 or 17!  hahaha  Even when I went with friends, they’d say I was their little sister!  I got away with that until I started being the one to drive or when I started going alone with a boyfriend!
  • My friend Mary Aina lived behind the drive-in.  A bunch of us would frequently walk down from her house to the far back corner of the drive-in, stretch the last speaker as far as we could, turn it all the way up, and sit on a rail road tie that was just off drive-in property.  We’d go in to the concession stand to get snacks and sit there watching the movie for free!
  • Mom took a bunch of my friends in the station wagon up to Transit Drive-In in another town to see The Beatles’ Help! when it first came out.
  • I probably saw hundreds of movies at the drive-in, but the only ones that stick out and I have distinct memories of seeing there are Patton and M.A.S.H!  And I think I saw them both on the same night, if I’m not mistaken!  Strange……..

And, here’s a real treat — a video of the count down to show time featuring juggling popcorn, tight rope balancing candy, marching ice cream, dancing sodas, and that ever popular flipping hot dog!  Enjoy!

One Comment on “Drive-In Movies

  1. My mom took us to the drive in for years thanks to her wonderful memories of doing it as a child. We went to the Fox Drive In, which was in Fayetteville and is now a car dealership.

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