What’s New?

Lot’s going on — busy, busy, busy!!!  All kinds of stuff to blog about and purge from rattling around in my mind!!!  So, I will take a few minutes out of my beautiful, relaxed Saturday morning to capture some of my thoughts before I decide what all is in store for me today!  Peruse through to hear about my recent adventures and see how pretty some of the key features in my yard look!

I took a quickie trip up to visit with my family over Memorial Weekend.  The plan was to leave after I got off work at noon on Friday and head back on the late flight Monday evening so that I could have two full and two partial days up home without having to use any vacation days!  Sounded good — didn’t work out, though!  Oh, the trip was GREAT and I got to spend a lot of quality time with my family (more on that later), but the “no vacation days” part didn’t quite pan out!  My return trip didn’t go exactly as planned.  Apparently, there was a lot of severe weather in some parts of the country that really messed up air travel on Monday – particularly in Chicago, from what I was told.  The risk in booking a late flight, in particular the last flight, is that it is usually delayed and sometimes gets canceled.  My flight didn’t get canceled, but it did get delayed so late that it was scheduled to leave Buffalo about 40 minutes AFTER my connecting flight (which was the last flight of the night) was scheduled to leave Baltimore!  So – my choices were to get as far as Baltimore and spend the night there OR stay at Mom’s another night and start out fresh in the morning………duh – that’s a no brainer!  Both options meant I wasn’t gonna get to work on time the next morning and would need to take at least a partial vacation day!  I chose to stay put!  The next day wasn’t much better — had I chosen to stay in Baltimore, I still would have had to take a full vacation day because they were all clogged up with weather delays most of the day, again!  I got home Tuesday evening and all was fine………BUT — I am sure after this and the last flight disaster that the travel Gods are trying to tell me to keep my butt on the ground for a while and stop gallivanting all over the country!!!  hahaha

As for the trip home…….we crammed in a lot of stuff and managed to do a lot of relaxing, too!  Mom and I went out to dinner Friday night after she picked me up at the airport.  Then, Saturday was a full day — it started out with Mom and me making a big macaroni salad together – by the time we both stopped adding stuff that we each put in “our” mac salads, it ended up being quite a mixture of both of our styles and it was SOOOOO good!!!  hahaha  Then, we went to get flowers for the cemetery from Navarra’s and took them out to fill the crocks and wash the head stones of those who have gone on before us.  All are nice and bright and cheery for the summer season!  Then, we enjoyed an ice cream sundae at Double Dips before we went home to meet my brother and his wife for a cook out!  Zweigles hot dogs on the grill, macaroni salad, devilled eggs, etc……  Mom and I ended the evening watching a couple of movies!  Sunday was another day for the family to get together – my brother, sister-in-law, and nephew went out for lunch and then went back to Mom’s.  More food and movies and fun!  Monday was a relaxing day with just Mom and me before I headed to the airport, only to come back for a “bonus” night with her!

The big disappointment for the weekend was not getting to see my new great-nephew!  Nolen was born in January and this was my first trip up since he arrived!  The plan was to get to meet him and spend some time cuddling with him!  BUT – my nephew’s wife went out of town with her family and took Nolen with her to meet some of her extended family!  boo hoo!!!  But – they didn’t know I was coming, so didn’t know to shift things a little so that I could get to see him, too!  There is always next time………

This morning, I snapped these two pictures of my beautiful, crooked mimosa tree!  I love this tree and look forward to it blooming every year about this time!  When I first moved into my house, most of the back yard was crammed full of wild weeds and stumps and broken trees and vines.  It was unusable, so I rented a back hoe and Ronald, Robby, and I worked to clear it out so I could do some nice landscaping and use the entire yard……OK, so it was actually mostly Ronald and Robby, but I also put some time in on the back hoe tearing out tree stumps and debris!  One tree they wanted to pull out was this mimosa tree — because it had grown crooked and looked weird!  But, I wouldn’t let them — I thought it was quirky, not weird, and if it fought that hard to make its way up through all the crappy stuff to survive, then it deserved to continue surviving!  And I think it makes a perfect statement in my landscaping!  Yeah, I know – these grow wild all over town and are messy when they shed their blossoms, but I still love it and it isn’t located where the messy blossoms are a problem!  But, I do cut down the new ones that try to come up from the seed pods it drops – I don’t want a forest of them!  hahaha   Look at how pretty it looks in the corner of my lot and check out that gorgeous Saturday morning blue sky!

My special little Weeping Japanese Red Maple is really taking off and branching out.  It was just a twig when the elves planted it a few years ago and in the last year or so, it has started to really get full and pretty!  I adore it and it makes a perfect feature in the opposite corner of the lot that the mimosa is on.

I almost missed the Gardenia blossoms across the back of my house!!!  The buds were just barely ready to pop when I left and by the time I returned, some of the blossoms were already spent!  But, it is still blossoming and I am so enjoying them – they smell so marvelous and look so beautiful!

And Katie is loving the warm grass in front of the fragrant gardenias this morning, too!

So, that’s all for now…….I want to get out and enjoy this fabulous day!


One Comment on “What’s New?

  1. I have to tell you, I would’ve gone with the guys when it comes to that mimosa. You know it’s a highly invasive weed, right? We have been battling them both in our yard and my mom’s. They are indestructible!

    However, we have several gardenias that looks so gorgeous next to our blue hydrangea. Love those!

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