Danger WalMart Shoppers…..

I had to get groceries, some bedding items, and some other supplies this weekend, so to get it all in one trip, I went to WalMart on Sunday morning.  In a matter of seconds, I narrowly escaped what could have been serious damage to the pony (OK, that may not be as dramatic as I intended – ANY small ding is serious damage to the pony, right?), witnessed a child that was almost injured (yeah, I know – this is where I should have used the word “serious”), and watched a head-shaking incident involving a handicap parking spot!!!  One more reason why I HATE going to WalMart!

I drove around the parking lot looking for a spot that wasn’t a 30 minute walk to the entrance – they were PACKED, as usual.  As I drove down to the end of one of the lanes with the flow of traffic towards the store, a man in a beat up car came flying around the end of the lane like he was Mario Andretti – coming the wrong way up the lane – and almost ran head on into me in order to position himself so that he could back into one of the open handicap spots that was angled such that he couldn’t pull in.  Just as I slammed on my brakes to avoid the impact, he slammed on his causing his car to rock to a stop, threw the car into reverse, and rushed backwards into the spot without any regard for the family of 4 that were walking up the row – luckily, they noticed him and grabbed the child that was just seconds from being run over!!!  He did have a handicap tag, so my initial thought was, “well, at least isn’t hogging a handicap spot without the right to do so.”  But, I quickly changed my mind!  Before I could even start rolling past him to continue on my way, he was fully stopped and hopped out of the car and – get this – RAN LIKE THE WIND into the store, causing a car coming down the main lane in front of the store to stop quickly to avoid hitting him!!!  Now, I know there are a lot of reasons for needing a handicap spot that are not always be obvious to someone observing them walking from the car and that don’t necessarily impede their ability to walk normally (heart problems, breathing problems, maybe they are fine for short distances, but not longer ones, just to name a few) — BUT, if you can sprint as fast as this guy did, I would venture to guess that you could walk at a normal pace from a little further away and leave the handicap spots for someone who can’t!

Drive in WalMart parking lot at your own risk……

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