Grey’s Anatomy

Some years ago, I watched the very first Grey’s Anatomy.  The hype before the season started got me all excited about a potentially great show – sorta like a cross between ER and Friends, from what I could tell from all the previews.  I have to admit, I wasn’t impressed – maybe it was my mood that night, maybe I was just expecting too much – whatever the reason, I was not impressed, so I decided to not get interested in it.  I didn’t go back to watch another episode to find out if I might like it afterall. 

Friends hounded me for years about why I wasn’t watching on this show?  Apparently, everyone who did stick with season one was hooked on it like a drug they couldn’t live without!  I didn’t understand the enthusiasm – afterall, I did watch that first ever show and distinctly remember not being in the least bit impressed by it!

Then, a few months ago, I started catching a show once in a while on LifeTime – they play the previous season in back to back shows from 6:00-9:00 every week night.  Then, I started deliberately watching them every day!  I found myself wondering what happened “before” so I could make more sense out of what was happening now.  I still wasn’t watching the current season – I didn’t want to spoil what I was getting caught up in on the reruns.  I figured I could catch the current season from the beginning on reruns after the season ends.

The wondering what happened “before” started really eating at me — I had to know — I had to have MORE!!  So, I started getting the DVDs from NetFlix and I watched a season at a time, beginning with season 1 and that first show I didn’t particularly care for……..guess what?  I liked it, this time!  But, doing it through the mailed DVDs wasn’t getting me through the seasons fast enough – I was receiving 4 DVDs at a time, but had to wait for the mail to come to get another set!  So, I got a Roku and got them on “Watch Instantly” and sailed through the rest!

Once I saw all the “before” seasons, I gave in and started watching the current season about 3 or 4 weeks ago!  So, now all I have left to catch up on is the first part of the current season………now that the season finale happened, the reruns should start soon and I’ll be able to get there!  Maybe the season will get released on NetFlix soon and I won’t have to take all summer to catch up on the reruns! 

And, you know what?  I still catch most of the episodes of last season over and over on LifeTime, if I happen to be home and able…….

So, I have become one of “those people” – the ones who are so addicted to Grey’s Anatomy that I absolutely can’t get enough of it……..I am so wrapped up emotionally in the characters that I just can’t fathom the thought of not being able to see what happens to them next!

Then, last night happened…………….the season finale I alluded to a couple of paragraphs ago…………the one that was the mother of all Grey’s Anatomy episodes – no, that doesn’t accurately describe it — it was actually the mother of all season finales of all series of all time!!!!  It was the fastest 2 hours of my life!  I sat down in my favorite chair with my feet up on the ottoman anxiously awaiting the show to start at 9:00!  Then, suddenly, what felt like 5 minutes later, it was 11:00 and I had never moved from that chair or the position I was sitting in – not even during the commercials – for fear that I might miss something!!!!  I was totally and completely and utterly riveted to my seat!  I spent those two hours engrossed, crying hysterically, and yelling at the TV to try to help the characters get through the horrible things that were happening!!!  It took me a couple of minutes after it ended to get my breathing back to normal and decide if I was going to be able to get up out of the chair!  I ran to Facebook to post my reaction and see what others were saying about it! 

So, yes, I am hooked……..I can’t wait to catch up on the first part of this season so that I can say I have seen every single episode and it didn’t take me several years to see them all – like it did most of the fans!  And I’ll bet most fans have to admit that they missed an episode or two over the course of the – what is it – 7 seasons!!!  Not me!!!  hehehehe

One Comment on “Grey’s Anatomy

  1. It seriously was the best finale ever in the history of finales. How could anyone top it?

    Also, I have never missed a single episode. EVER. And I started watching way back when, but almost gave it up last year because it’d starting stagnating.

    So glad I stuck with it!

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