Duck, Duck, Goose

I have a great view from my office at work. There is a retention pond across the sidewalk outside my large ceiling to floor window. Planted between my window and the pond are several flowering trees and plants, including two magnolias that are just now starting to burst with their beauty. Then, around the pond are various plants, including roses just like the ones I have planted along one side of my home. It is a lovely view! I sometimes find myself gazing out the window as I try to gather thoughts for a meeting or if I need a brief break from those thoughts to clear my head.

But, the main part of the view is the retention pond and the recent addition of the TWO families that live there! Yes, the retention pond is home to two perfect families…….of geese! Both families consist of a Mommy, a Daddy, and three adorable little fuzzy Babies! I enjoy watching them during my lunch and breaks – it provides a calm to the day and helps relax and refresh me!

They always stay together as distinct family units – each set of 5 – but the two families do tend to never be too far from each other. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one family without the other nearby and absolutely have never seen any of the family members off separate from the rest of their unit. It is such fun to watch them waddle across the yard to the bank of the pond and then scurry down the bank into the water and then play around in the water. The bank is fairly steep, but those little goslings run down it with no fear, whatsoever!

I particularly get a chuckle when the parents want the little ones to walk across the yard faster – maybe because someone is coming up the sidewalk or just because they are starting to dawdle too much…….both parents get behind them and lift up to fly just inches above the ground and flutter quickly after them – the goslings start to run like the dickens!!!! But, when the parents land again, the goslings slow back down and the parents have to get after them again! Another fun interaction between them is when one of the goslings get distracted by something in the grass and lag behind the group. One of the parents will stop and look back at them – I can’t tell if they make a noise to talk to them or if they just give them the evil eye, but the gosling suddenly rushes off to catch up with the others! Hahaha

Funny how all animals exhibit the same or similar tendencies when it comes to family…….

2 Comments on “Duck, Duck, Goose

  1. I love this, Kim. I’m in a new phase of life where I actually enjoy watching wild things. I bet those goslings are adorable!

  2. I haven’t been there since Impacted by Wyeth. Last year two sisters from a hatch 2 years before that, were in the two family groups which is fairly common. The geese (the ones that hatch eggs) select the nest sites and they like to have their sisters reasonably close. The usual travel procedure is for the goose to lead, goslings follow and the gander (male) makes up the rear guard and handles those who dawdle. There is a call that translates to “get here fast!” When I used it on my own geese, they wouldn’t come to me but made a bee line for the nearest parent!
    My best moment with geese would be when I would lay out on the lawn with a book and the geese would wander over with the family, indicate that I was Safe-OK. The goslings would swarm all over me. The parents would sneak off to the Kiddy pool and have a “second honeymoon” while I was stuck gosling sitting!

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