Product Review – Dyson

I have watched with great interest as friends asked for help in finding a vacuum that will do a really good job on pet hair and is easy to handle.  I have a similar need and I’ve been through vacuum after vacuum after vacuum……some are easy to handle and some do a really good job…….I have yet to find one that is BOTH!!!!  So, when I heard almost everyone who responded to my friend’s pleas for help highly recommend the Dyson Animal vacuums, I decided to get one!  I have looked at them before, but stayed away from them because they are bagless – I am not a fan of bagless vacuums!  But, decided that if they work as well as I’m hearing they do, I will make do with the bagless feature!

I used it for the first time today.  I thought I’d give my opinion, since I know so many people who will likely be interested in hearing what I think about it!


  • The rumor was correct — it does a GREAT job!!!  It sucks pet hair from several inches away and picks up everything it comes into contact with!  It is powerful and effective!  So — it gets an “A” for productivity!
  • It is easy to use — I chose the “ball” version (the dc25) because I heard that the ball makes getting in and around things very easy.  I made a good choice!  It is easy and, although it isn’t as light weight as others I’ve tried, it is light and does glide around as if it were almost weightless.  So — another “A” for ease of use.


  • The whole bagless issue I mentioned in the beginning of the post is a major con for me!  I have asthma, so dumping the cup makes me cough and gives me some minor respiratory distress.  I did see on their website, though, that they offer a free asthma/allergy kit, so I will look into that when I get a chance. 
  • The collection cup isn’t very big (most aren’t).  I mentioned that I need it because of the need to control the pet hair in my home.  If you’ve read this blog at all or even if you noticed the header photo on the home page, you know I have three dogs – one of which is a golden retriever mix!  Every few days, I can sweep up enough hair to cover a fourth dog!!!  So, the small cup has to be emptied often, creating more of an issue for my asthma than it might if I could get away with only dumping it once each time I vacuum.
  • The “on” button is on the body of the vacuum.  A preferred location would be on the handle so you could use the thumb of the hand that is holding it or on the bottom so you could press it with your foot.  Because it is so far away from your hand and your foot, you must have your second hand free to turn it on and off when needed.  This makes it difficult to multi-task while vacuuming — like picking up things and carrying them with you while you vacuum, holding the coiled cord so it is out of the way, etc.  I tried to just let go of the handle to turn it off and let the handle rest against my stomach, but the vacuum is so powerful, it kept going and pulled away from me and fell onto the floor before I could press the button or grab the handle again!
  • The foot lever that lets the handle lay down at an angle to vacuum is easy to use, but putting it back into the upright/locked position is not easy!  The stabilizing wheels fold up when it is angled to vacuum, which makes the ball easier to steer (one of the PROS mentioned earlier).  When you lift the handle up to lock it, you have to lift up on it and snap it in place so that the stabilizing wheels come back down.  It makes a very loud clanging sound – like it cracked or broke!  And, it takes two hands to get it to lock — it could be because I have arthritis in my hands and don’t have the gripping strength someone without arthritis has…..but, I am not the only person in the world with this problem, so I can’t be the only one who finds it not so easy to do.  I’m wondering, though, if it will get easier once it gets broken in more.  For now, though, every time it clangs, the dogs jump and run cause it scares them!!!  They have never been afraid of the vacuum, but they are now!

So — I do like it — it does the trick, for sure!  But I do have some issues I need to either get used to or find a way to work around……the CONS are not minor little things to me!  We’ll see if, in the long run, it survives or if I go looking for another one!!!


The PROS are absolutely out weighing and over coming the CONS — I LOVE this vacuum!!!!  Again, it glides around and maneuvers beautifully and the power is incredible!!!  I’ve gotten the hang of putting it back in the upright position, so that “con” is gone!  Even the girls are getting used to that clanging “con” and don’t seem to care anymore!  As for the frequency I have to dump the cup and the dust it causes, I started getting a trash bag out when I start and putting the cup down in it and covering it with the sides of the bag when I dump it……so, not as much of a problem for my asthma!  This vacuum is WONDERFUL!!!!

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