Movie Review – Date Night

A friend called yesterday and asked if I wanted a girl’s night out to go see “Date Night” at the theater tonight……..hello, when am I NOT ready to go see a movie?  Like, did she really need to ask?  DUH!!!  But, “Date Night”?  I saw the trailers and it did look like it might be very funny and I do like Tina Fey a lot!  The part that caused me to pause for a half a second or so before I responded was Steve Carell……not really a Steve Carell fan!  But, hey – it was a movie in the middle of the week – comedy on hump day eve – how bad could Steve Carell be opposite Tina Fey, anyway?  Making it to the 5:20 showing was a tight squeeze after work and I had a ton of other things I should have been doing, instead.  But, it has been a hectic week (I had to rearrange several other things throughout the week to accommodate crazy stuff that came up) and it was the only night I didn’t have to be somewhere else or do something that couldn’t wait until later in the evening or tomorrow!  AND – more importantly – it has been a couple weeks since I’ve been out to a movie!  So, I agreed to go!  (you know it didn’t take much thought or convincing)

First off, let’s address the Steve Carell concern……he was actually funny and not at all his usual irritating self!  Refreshing!  He was really quite good in the part of tax accountant Phil Foster.  There, that is out-of-the-way – on with the review!

The story is this:  Carell and Fey play Phil and Claire Foster, an average suburban couple with two kids and good, but unexciting careers.  After hearing the news that their friends are getting divorced, they start to wonder if they are in the same, familiar, boring rut as their friends are – even their typical date night routine feels forced and less than special.  So, in an effort to spice up date night, Claire goes out of her way to look especially pretty and Phil decides to take his beautiful wife into the city for dinner at a very expensive and exclusive restaurant.  They show up at the restaurant with no reservation and are met by an extremely rude, obnoxious maitre d’ who sarcastically tells them they can wait at the bar to see if something opens up.  After a while, Phil hears another couple’s name called several times and, assuming they are a no-show, gets the idea to claim they are that couple and take their reservation!  They are seated and begin to enjoy an amazing dinner!  A couple of men come to their table and the way they start asking them questions and addressing them by the other couple’s name, they naturally assume their deceit was discovered.  They follow the men out into the alley and soon discover that the couple who’s reservation they took stole something from the head of an organized crime ring and they are in serious trouble!  From that point on, they get themselves in deeper and deeper and in more and more trouble!  Hilarius scene after hilarious scene of wild chases, car crashes, and narrow escapes take them through the process of figuring out what is going on while staying one step ahead of the thugs and the cops! 

Best parts:   1) I – laughed – so – hard!!!  I laughed out loud so hard I had tears pouring down my cheeks!!!  2)  (well, actually, my VERY favorite part) Mark Walberg!!!  In multiple scenes, Walberg is called upon to help them out and in every one of the scenes he is conveniently (and much to my personal pleasure) without a shirt!  WOW – definitely worth the price of admission!

Besides Mark Walberg, Ray Liotta also has a supporting role as the crime boss at the center of the Foster’s troubles.  I like Ray Liotta a lot and, although he has a small role and isn’t seen much, he is true to form and very enjoyable to watch.  Tina Fey is charming as Claire Foster, as well.

I liked this movie — it was fun, it was entertaining, it was funny, it was a perfect mid-week pick-me-up, and it made for a very enjoyable girl’s night out event!  I rate this one an A and will likely take Steve Carell off the “avoid at all cost” list!

By the way — they also have out takes at the end that are as fun as the rest of the movie!

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