Doggie Dreams

I’ve always found it interesting to watch my dogs while they sleep.   They take sleep very seriously – painstakingly fluffing the dog bed, blanket, pillows, or whatever they are preparing to nap on – circling and patting down the area so that it is just the way they like it, nice and cozy!   Sometimes they sleep so soundly that they are totally oblivious to everything going on around them – sprawled out on their backs in the most awkward looking poses in total trust that nothing is going to happen to them!  Their world is safe and good!  Sometimes they are just catching a few winks, but are really sleeping with one ear open to be sure they know if I move or do something they think they need to be involved in!  Then there are the doggie dreams…..the times when they are obviously dreaming about running in a field or confronting some bully or chasing after squirrels!

Katie and Megan rarely have active dreams — once in a while they will twitch a little or make some growling or whimpering sounds.  Amy, on the other hand, acts out her dreams quite often!  She gets so animated and noisy!  Maybe it is because she is the timid one, for the most part, when she’s awake.  She gets to act out all her fantasies in her dreams.

Just a bit ago, she had one of her more active dreams!  I can only imagine what she must have been dreaming about — I really wish she could wake up and tell me all about her adventures in dreamland, but she can’t!  She was making a lot of little “woofs” that puffed out her cheeks, so I sat and watched for a while.  Soon, she was totally involved in whatever was going on — her entire body twitched and jerked, her legs flailed around like she was running, her face twitched and wrinkled up in weird contortions, and she was barking, growling, and moaning loudly and excitedly.  It didn’t last terribly long – just a minute or so – and she was back to a relaxed sleep and all was done!  All the time, Katie and Megan slept peacefully near by – not at all disturbed by the noises and actions Amy was exhibiting.

This looked like a fun dream — of course, I have no way of knowing that, but it seems obvious to me when it is a good or bad dream.  This one had excited sounding noises – like when she’s playing.  Bad dreams have more scared or aggressive sounding noises.  I try to not wake her from her dreams, but if it appears to be a bad one and seems to be lasting a long time, I will usually call her name or move the bedding or touch her to gently wake her from it.  If I do, I hug her and tell her that it was just a dream and she’s safe and OK — she usually leans into me to snuggle and gives gentle kisses of thanks!

My girls — what joy they add to my life!!!

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