Movie Review – The Box

thebox_tempposterThe previews looked intriguing, the cast was a sure bet (Cameron Diaz – love her in just about everything she does, Frank Langella – one of my favorite character actors, James Marsden – such a cutie), and I was all geared up to see a movie!  So, I went to my hair appointment this morning and then to meet a friend for lunch at Elizabeth’s.  The movie didn’t start until 1:35, so I went back home to let the girls out, check email, and do a couple things.  I almost got wrapped up in something and realized almost too late that I needed to leave to make it to the movie on time.  I got there with about 10 minutes to spare, got my small popcorn and bottle of water, and went in to grab a seat!  There were only two previews that came on while we waited for the movie to start — a REALLY good-looking new Mel Gibson movie called “Edge of Darkness” due out in January and a futuristic looking movie with Denzel Washington that I’m sure I’ll not bother with.

And the interesting parts of my day, so far, came to an end!!!  What happened next can only be described as the worse waste of 2 hours I’ve ever experienced in my life!!!  I am not going to waste more time by going into a lot of details about the plot – you’ve seen it on the trailers – woman is given a box with two choices:  push the button and become an instant millionaire while someone she doesn’t know dies OR don’t push the button and her life will remain as it is!  She chooses to push the button — the rest of the movie takes us on a very painful journey through the consequences of her decision!  And I do mean painful!!!

This movie made no sense what-so-ever……the acting was so low quality, I wouldn’t even call it acting (everyone sounded and looked like they were reading cue cards being held just off the set and read them with no emotion at all)……Cameron’s southern accent was horrible……it was hard to follow……and it was just plain stupid!!!   There were all these characters wandering around like zombies in a deep trance with their mouths gaped open “watching” Diaz and Marsden to make sure they do what they are expected to do — whatever that is!  They don’t really seem to have a purpose at all!!! 

I loved Twilight Zone and Outer Limits — this had that feel, but was sooooo much more hokey and no where near the level of entertainment of those classic shows!

The only bright side is that it did send a powerful message — you ALWAYS have a choice and there are ALWAYS consequences to whatever choice you make – good or bad!!!

Usually, if I don’t particularly like a movie, I recommend you wait until it comes out on rental or cable if you have a strong urge to see it — not this time!!  I wouldn’t recommend spending a penny on it, I wouldn’t recommend wasting a spot on your Netflix list, and even if you get to see it for free, I wouldn’t waste the time!  Go to the dentist and have a few teeth extracted, instead – you’ll find that more enjoyable!!!

I give this one the lowest rating I have ever given any movie, regardless of how much I disliked it (there is usually “something” worth a medium-ish rating) — I rate this one a HUGE F- and wouldn’t recommend it to anyone!!!

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