I have noticed that I tend to sit and reflect a lot more lately than I ever have in the past.  I’m not sure why this has increased or if it isn’t that I am doing it more – just maybe that I am noticing it more.  Maybe it just comes with age!  I don’t know…  But, whatever the reason, reflection has been a noticeable part of my activities lately.  So, why, at the same time, has a blog about my thoughts been less active and less creative than it ever has been?

I have never been one to rehash the past — what has happened, has happened — you can’t change it, even if you wanted to — everything happens for a reason and something good usually comes out of it, eventually — all the events and decisions of the past are what got me to where I am, so right-wrong-or-indifferent at the time, they made me what I am today!  So – why rethink what should have happened or regret actions or decisions?  It only serves to make you sad or bitter!  I say that because, obviously, the only actions/decisions one would spend time rethinking are those that they feel didn’t go quite the way they had hoped!  You don’t rethink the good things – you only cherish those memories and try to relive them in your thoughts!

I am still of that belief and my reflections don’t turn into “what ifs” or “shoulda-couldas”.   My reflections are more about thinking through my life to make the connections of how I got here and what am I doing now to be more conscious of what will get me to where I want to be later in life.  How can I ensure the actions and decisions I am making now will support getting me to a good place later? 

Thinking through things thoroughly is NOT a new concept for me.  I have always been a “planner” – someone who gives a LOT of thought before making decisions about everything from whether or not to spend a few dollars on a new pair of shoes and which pair of shoes are worthy of those few dollars to what color to paint the walls in my house (if you read this blog at all, you know that took several years and 27 cans of sample paint colors once I decided to move forward) to major life altering decisions.    I am rarely impulsive – although there have been some major decisions that were made impulsively that turned out pretty good for me!

So, what have my thoughts been about lately?  After all – that is the title of this blog and what my original plan for it was – to capture my thoughts!  That, specifically, is what got me thinking and writing today’s post!  I noticed on my dashboard this morning that someone linked to my very first post dated August 13, 2007.   So, I took some time to go back and read the first several.  I realized that my blog has switched gears over the two years and 515 posts (counting this one).  It started out just getting my thoughts out!  I added movie reviews, which I really enjoy doing and are my thoughts – so, that is good!  But, I also added a lot of what I’m doing and what happened during the day.  Yeah, those are also my thoughts about the day, but I don’t think those kinds of posts lend themselves to be as creative as what I intended for this blog!  So – that got me thinking about what, exactly, have I been thinking about lately……which brought me to the realization that I seem to have been reflecting a lot lately — the question then was, why haven’t I been putting those thoughts down?  Well, some are more private than I would want to put in a blog for the world to see.  But, a lot are just the kind of thing I started this blog for!  So, why am I not using it for that more? 

I’m going to go out on a limb here and commit to doing less “what did I do today” – I can use Facebook for that – and more “what did I think about today” — which may very well include what I did, but only if it was significant enough to cause me to think back and cherish it OR put it in my pet peeve file!  I want to get back to capturing my reflections – when appropriate….;)

Life is good — let’s enjoy it, reflect on it, and celebrate it more!

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