My Daily Tickle

now that is funnyI turned the wall calendar in my office to September this morning (yeah, I know – I’m a day late) and it made me smile and then laugh out loud!!  My calendar has a different motivational statement and a pretty scene of some kind each month.

This month, the motivational statement is:

“Every morning before arising, lie relaxed in bed and deliberately drop happy thoughts into your conscious mind.”


Obviously, this is NOT a necessary suggestion for me!  Having three dogs who wake up early and sit in an anxious vigil awaiting for any hint of a sign that I am awake so they can pounce on me for the chance to show me just how absolutely thrilled they are that I opened my eyes!!!!  The kisses and excited whining makes it impossible to wake up without happy thoughts!! 

It is also NOT a necessary suggestion for someone who dances around every morning singing Broadway show tunes with three happy, excited dogs!

What I really need is a suggestion for how to keep that happy, singing, dancing, attitude all day long!  Haha

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