Movie Review – The Time Traveler’s Wife

thetimetravelerswife_smallposterThe Time Traveler’s Wife stars Rachel McAdams and Eric Bana.  Bana portrays Henry, a time traveler who randomly, and without any warning, shifts around through various times during his lifespan.  It starts with a young Henry, I think about age 6, in a car with his mother on what appears to be Christmas Eve.  They are singing and having a great time, when they are suddenly involved in a horrible accident that kills his mother.  Henry is time shifted out of the car just prior to impact – he travels back to two weeks prior and then shifts back where he is standing in the street watching the accident.  An older Henry shifts to the same spot and tells him to not be afraid and he’ll understand it all when he gets older.  I wasn’t crazy about Bana in this role – he seemed……well……”weird”, but then, his character was strange and did suffer from a rare genetic disorder…….

Henry continues to shift in and out of times in his life with no apparent reason for when and why he travels to the times and places he does.  Each time, he leaves his clothes behind, so he arrives at his new destination naked and vulnerable.  He steals the first set of clothes he can find and ends up having to get himself out of a very uncomfortable situation.  This part made no sense to me at all — I had a difficult time figuring out what the point was!  I would have preferred it if there was a purpose for him traveling or if he had to accomplish something when he got there.  In fact, some of the travels lasted no more than a few minutes – he would shift in, get dressed, and shift out!  I understand the book explains all this, so I guess I need to go read it – but, they really should have filled in those gaps in the movie, as much as possible!  There were some time travels that seemed to have a purpose, like when he traveled out of the car accident, when he traveled there to comfort his younger self, and when he traveled to spend time with a young Clare.  He also had brief interactions with various family members and friends – past, present, and future – that help him through his senseless travels.

Enter, Clare — Rachel McAdams!  Clare is first visited by a 40-ish Henry when she is about 6 years old.  He comes back often and they meet and become friends in the meadow near her home.  She leaves clothes in the woods for him to wear when he comes to visit.  She falls madly in love with him (childhood crush and teen age attraction, at first).  They meet later in life when they are both in the same time and get married.  Their life is interesting, to say the least, as they never know when he will leave and how long he will be gone.

The movie is funny and touching — a very good love story and story line.  I only wish they had filled in the blanks about his time travel better – it left me wondering what the point was.  I think I need to get the book because I did find the story to be very endearing! 

I deducted a little for all the things they should have included, but didn’t, for the fact that I didn’t really like Bana in this role, and for the lack of good chemistry between Bana and McAdams.  But the story and concept were so good, I ended up rating this one a B+ overall.  I recommend seeing it, but I think you’re probably better off if you read the book first – which is not usually something I recommend, because it tends to leave you disappointed about the differences – but, in this case, might be a good idea…….not sure…….just saying……

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  1. This is my favorite book, and I can’t waqit to see the movie! The book is a wonderful read…definitely check it out.

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