All Grown Up

It is no secret that Megan and Amy (and even Katie to a MUCH lower degree) were extremely destructive when they were puppies!  My stories about the endless furniture they devoured  are legendary!  Another item I could never keep in the house without resulting in mass quantities of batting strewn all over, was soft, plush, stuffed dog toys!  In a matter of minutes, any soft toy they came into contact with would be history!

There are still some soft toys here and there that belonged to Puddles that I rescued from the jaws of the “toy shredders” by stashing them somewhere – long forgotten!  As we move stuff and go through stuff and disrupt the whole house to paint walls, we have found a few of those beloved toys that Puddles revered so dearly.  Ronald gave one to the girls one day when I wasn’t there – I came home to find Megan with it in her mouth.  Panic set in — I have not had to clean up any messes due to chewing since just before Christmas (except for the rare occasional magazine or paper towel roll)!  They have completely stopped eating everything in sight!  But I was sure this would not be something they could resist!  But, I decided to make it a test and see what happens!

I couldn’t have been more wrong!  Megan has latched onto this toy and carries it proudly with her everywhere!  She walks around with it – she sleeps with it – she shows it off with sheer joy in her eyes!  It is HER new friend and the other girls are not allowed to even LOOK at it, except when Megan is shaking it in their faces to show off and tease them with it!  But she has NOT chewed even the tiniest hole in it – every speck of stuffing is still intact – the eyes are still in place – the little hat is still on it’s little head!  Dare I actually say it?  My girls have finally, officially, completely outgrown the puppy stage of ripping apart and eating anything that they even remotely think just might have some cool batting or foam to pull out and strew from one end of the house to the other!!!  It has been almost TWO WEEKS that she has had this toy with her 24/7 — it just might be safe to assume it will survive the wrath of Megan-stein!

Here is Megan with her new found friend:





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