As if one alarm wasn’t irritating enough…

alarm clockOK – so, I was sooooo tired last night that I gave in and went to bed before 9:00 and fell right asleep – instantly!  Then, about 1:00 am, I started waking up and hitting the snooze button – I thought the alarm was going off!!!  I did that about 4 or 5 times and started to get irritated!!!  So, I got up and checked my watch and other clocks to be sure the time was right and – yep – it was just before 2:00 am!  So, I checked the alarm and it was set for 5:00 am – just like it should be!!!  So, I assumed I was dreaming about the alarm going off and tried to lay back down……and it went off AGAIN!!!  This time I was definitely awake and it was definitely not a dream!!!  I whacked the snooze button and wondered what the heck was going on!!!!????!!!!  Then, I noticed it — the little indicator light on the other side of the face of the clock!  You see, my alarm clock has a feature I have never used — it actually has the ability to set TWO alarms at different times for couples who need to get up on different schedules!!!  I must have accidentally turned on the second alarm and it was set for 1:00 am!!!  UUUGGGHHH!!!!  Once I got that all settled, I was able to go back to sleep, but my nice LONG night of peaceful sleep was totally down the drain!!!

Watch the 6:00 news — that alarm clock’s days just may be numbered!!!

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