Groundhog Day and Superbowl Sunday

I have to admit, there are two “holidays” that I just don’t make a lot of sense out of.  They are Groundhog Day and Superbowl Sunday!  Yeah, I know – Superbowl Sunday is not an official “holiday”, but the way the majority of the country reacts to it, you’d think it was the most important holiday of the year!  This year, they just happened to fall of consecutive days – Superbowl Sunday on Feb 1st and Groundhog Day on Feb 2nd.  Don’t get me wrong – I don’t have anything against EITHER day and I’m not writing this post to complain about them — just to go through my thoughts on the subjects!

200px-super_bowl_xliii_logoSince Superbowl Sunday came first, let’s start there…  I am not a football fan – in fact, with the exception of Baseball (and specifically Yankee’s Baseball), I am not a sports fan!  So, it is understandable that I just don’t get how and why Superbowl Sunday has become the huge phenomenon that it is.  The entire country comes to a screeching halt- very few people make plans that don’t involve a Superbowl party – businesses that don’t cater to the delivery or sports bar crowd are either closed or on limited staff – all the TV networks that aren’t carrying the game assume no one will be tuning in so they concede the ratings and run reruns or junk programs no one cares about – the marketing Gods come out of the woodwork to exchange billions of dollars to create, air, and reap the benefits of a line up of commercials, some of which may never be seen again – and, Lord help the non-sports fan who has a mental lapse in judgement and calls a sports fan during the game (I learned years ago to not call my brother’s # on ANY Sunday during football season, but especially on Superbowl Sunday – LOL)!   So, why does football create such a ruckus?  Isn’t baseball the all-American game?  The earth doesn’t stop revolving for the World Series!  I’m not even sure basketball or March Madness equals the hype of the Superbowl – close, very close – especially here in NC, but not quite!  I am amazed, too, about the number of people who don’t follow football all season, but watch the Superbowl just to see the commercials and the half time show!  Come on — you can see it all on the internet and every talk and tabloid news show for days afterwards – without suffering through the game!  LOL  So, what do non-sports fans do on Superbowl Sunday?  Well, I – for one – have known for 24 years that I moved to the wrong part of the country, since I don’t follow Nascar, basketball, football, golf….let’s see, what am I missing?  LOL  So, I took in two movies and found some reruns of shows that I didn’t see the first time around – so, they were new to me!  And I caught all the commercials on line – one right after the other – after the game was over (my personal favorite – the “ – Hate Work” commercial – priceless)!

180px-groundhog-standing2Now for Groundhog Day — seriously, now — for the past 120 years, intelligent adults have relied on a rodent to tell them on Feb 2nd that spring is another 6 weeks out????  Think about it — it is Feb 2nd — it doesn’t take much thought to realize that winter is just getting geared up and spring is at LEAST 6 weeks away for most of the country – more in some areas – and the areas that isn’t the case have little or no winter to be concerned with!!!  Don’t they know how to subscribe to the Farmer’s Almanac?  Not too surprising, Punxsutawney Phil has seen his shadow on all but 14 years – one of which was last year!  But what makes the groundhog the perfect bearer of the bad news?  I grew up out in the country in the Northeast – where groundhogs, also known as woodchucks, are prevalent.  I saw them everywhere — cute little buggers!!!  But, don’t let their adorable, cuddly look fool you – corner one and he will tear you up in a heart beat!  And destructive????  Man, they would burrow huge holes through a yard, eat all your grass and gardens – not good!  I know – it is all symbolic and cute — a fun way to get over the hump of mid-winter!  So, I – like millions of others – will be on the edge of my seat every Feb 2nd waiting to hear if Phil sees his shadow or not! 

Happy Groundhog Day and Superbowl Sunday!!!

And now, for the answer to an important question:  Why did they tag the most recent generation as “Generation Y”???


Have a good one…..

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