Movie Review – He’s Just Not That Into You

hesjustnotthatintoyou_posterBig hype, all star cast, etc…gotta be a hit, right?  That’s what I thought and hoped – I couldn’t wait for this movie to come out!  I was picturing it being a cross between “Friends” and “Thirtysomething” with some romantic comedy aspects mixed in!  You know, no real plot, but lots of funny situations that are common with the dating scene and just about any group of friends that share their lives and secrets!  I was right – sorta….

Well, I have to say that I was disappointed…..I wasn’t sorry I went to see it – it had its moments – it just wasn’t that interesting!  In fact, I found it rather boring!  And the female characters all acted like desperate, pathetic man stalkers – it was embarrassing the way some of them acted!  Yeah, I know, there are women like that out there, but this movie makes it look like ALL women are like that!!!  And it also made it look like all men are jerks!!! 

The story idea was a good one – the cast was impressive – the ending was cute and gave the movie some redemption!  Maybe it was just my mood yesterday, but I left thinking “ok, there was probably something much more worthy of spending the last couple of hours on”….  Since I did really like the ending and there were a few moments that gave me hope the movie would pick up (a very few), I’ll give it a B-.  But, I’m thinking I must be feeling generous today!

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