Movie Review – Hotel For Dogs

hotelfordogs_posterOK, I can’t contain myself – let me start right off with saying that this movie represents my DREAM COME TRUE – it is exactly what I would love to do, if I could!!!   I have NEVER had so much FUN in a movie and haven’t laughed so hard, felt so good, and – yes- even cried (both for the couple short sad scenes and out of shear joy) so much in a movie in a long time!!! 

OK – I think I can proceed with my review now…..I have contained myself!  This movie is about two orphaned siblings – 16 year old Andi and younger brother, Bruce – and their dog, Friday.  They live with a pair of really bazaar foster parents, played by Lisa Kudrow and Kevin Dillon.  Their social worker is played by Don Cheadle.  The kids have been trying to hide their dog for 3 years and it is becoming obvious to them that they really need to find him a new home!  But, Friday finds his own new home – a run down, abandoned luxury hotel!  They slip in there one night while trying to hide from the police.  Friday immediately goes exploring and finds that there are two other dogs living there – a Rottweiler (that they name Lenny) and a Boston Terrier (that they name Georgia).  So, they agree to leave Friday with Lenny and Georgia for one night – just until they can figure out what to do!  One thing leads to another and they end up banning together with three other kids to make the abandoned hotel a safe haven for every stray dog in the city!!!  They make these elaborate activities, feeding operations, and bathroom facilities for about a zillion dogs – all of whom they name and register in the hotel guest book!  My favorite activity that they make is an amusement park type ride — it is a bunch of chairs with old car doors with the windows down – they run fans to simulate the wind and a movie that looks like it was filmed from the hood of a car and play the theme from Easy Rider…..the dogs sit in the chairs and stick their heads out the car door windows, the fans blow wind in their faces, and they watch the movie — then after a little bit, the kid running the ride announces “Please be careful as you exit the simulation.  Please move quickly to allow the next riders to take their seats.”  Then the next bunch get in the chairs and the kid announces “For your safety, please keep your paws inside the ride at all times.”  It was hysterical!!!!!  Of course, there are ups and downs and lots of antics along the way — and an absolutely FABULOUS ending!!!! 

This movie was the “feel good” movie that I had hoped “Marley and Me” would be….it was fun, funny, heartwarming, and wonderful — all wrapped up in about an hour and 40 minutes!!!  It went too quickly — I wish it had been longer!!!  I laughed, cried, and left feeling so good I wanted to dance to the car!!!!  It made me want to go out and save every stray dog I see (oh, wait, I already want to do that —- well, maybe it made me feel just a little more like doing that!!!).

In case it wasn’t clear — I REALLY liked this movie!!!!  I can’t wait until it comes out on DVD so I can get it and play it at the house to see if the girls will sit and watch it!!!  ha-ha  Some friends are thinking about going to see it tonight — if they do, I just may go see it again with them!!!

I rate this movie off the charts — it gets a huge AAA+++ from me!!!!  Go see it — you’re bound to enjoy it…….and take the kids, too….

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