Thanksgiving Dinner and Four Christmases

I didn’t cook today — nothing — not even a morsel……which means I also didn’t have all the mess to clean up!  So, why didn’t I cook?  I ALWAYS cook a huge meal to feed a crowd — even last year when I scaled it way down from normal, I still cooked!!!  This year, I had a few good options to choose from that would keep me out of the kitchen and finally decided to meet a new friend at Cafe 121 for dinner and then go see a movie.  I had a GREAT time!  The food was, of course, fabulous and I enjoyed the company and conversation over dinner! 

Cafe 121, obviously, was open for dinner today and Chef Hamm out-did himself!  He put on a Traditional Hamm Family Dinner and it was incredible!  He had turkey, ham, and fried chicken breast with a long list of “trimmings”.  We couldn’t decide between turkey or ham and what sides to select, so we just asked for a little of everything!  ha-ha  Chef Hamm fixed us up a plate with a sampling of the works and everything was GREAT!  We topped it off with a big cup of hot cinnamon apple cider with caramel and a piece of pie.  When we finished, we waddled to our cars and went on our separate ways to finish off the day.

fourchristmases_posterAfter dinner, I decided to go see Four Christmases at Spring Lane Cinemas.  The previews looked very funny and it had a power cast – Reece Witherspoon, Vince Vaughn, Robert Duvall, Sissy Spacek, Mary Steenburgen, Jon Voigt, Tim McGraw, and Dwight Yoakum.  The critics have been slamming it, but you know my opinion of critics – they never like what I like and vice versa!  This is a story of an unmarried couple (Reece and Vince) who go out of their way to avoid their disfunctional families during the holidays.  When they are interviewed in the airport because all the outbound flights were canceled due to fog, their families start to call expecting them to come for Christmas, since they’ll be in town afterall!  Both sets of parents are divorced and don’t speak to each other, hence the need to attend “Four” Christmases!  We follow them through the rest of the day full of funny situations and awkward family confrontations!  It is a fun story and a good time!  Some of the comedy fell a little flat with me – it was funny, but didn’t really make me laugh out loud.  But overall it was a cute movie and I found it to be entertaining.  Favorite line:  When asked by a friend if he lied to his parents about Christmas, Vince Vaughn’s character responded with, “Of course I do!  You can’t spell ‘families’ without ‘lies’, think about it!”  I give this one a B+…..generally good and entertaining, but with some lame comedy filtered through.

What else did I do to make today special?  I spent the morning playing with the girls and watching the beginning of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade before I had to leave for our 11:00 dinner reservation.  I set the recorder to get the rest of the parade and the National Dog Show that was on immediately after the parade.  I left the TV on while I was gone so that the girls could watch the dog show!  ha-ha  After dinner and the movie, I came home and cuddled up with the girls for a nap – absolutely necessary after all Chef Hamm’s great food I ate!  I watched part of the great Christmas classic Miracle on 34th Street, I just got done watching Legally Blonde, which made for a Reece Witherspoon double header for the day, and am now going to watch Christmas With The Kranks!  What a day – what a lovely Thanksgiving – what a great kick off of the holiday season – and there are still three days left to the long weekend!

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