Thomas’ English Muffins

What an odd food item this is…  They pull apart easily and the inside is full of holes…  I’m not clear why they call them “muffins” — a muffin, from all I have ever known, is a cupcake like breakfast item with nuts or fruit mixed in it!   Odd food, for sure!

My Mom used to buy these quite often when we were growing up and I really liked them – I’d toast them nice and golden brown so they were real crispy and then top them with lots of butter and peanut butter to melt into all those cool nooks and crannies…yum!  Then, at some point – I’m not exactly sure when or why – I suddenly thought of them as cardboard circles and decided I didn’t like them, afterall.  So, I haven’t had them or even thought much about them in years!

I recently moved my office from the off site training center into our new admin building, which has a great full service cafeteria!  So, I have gotten into the unfortunate habit of grabbing something to munch on every morning when I get in to work.  This is odd for me because I am not a breakfast person – at least not that early in the morning!  I typically don’t want anything to do with food until at least mid-morning (except, for some odd reason, when I’m traveling)!  I have a point and it does relate to Thomas’ English Muffins – I promise…I get to it right now… 

Anyway – in the cafeteria, they have a section in the middle that is a salad and soup bar at lunch time and a bread, pastry, and fruit bar at breakfast time!  One of the items they have is Thomas’ English Muffins!  I noticed them every time I went in, but didn’t give them much thought – at first.  Then, I started thinking about how much I used to like them.  So, one day, I got one, toasted it the way I like it, and got butter and peanut butter to put on it!  And it was good!  So, now, every morning I get my bottle of V8, spike it with pepper, and get some little treat to go with it — a couple times a week, that treat is a Thomas’ English Muffin with butter and peanut butter…

3 Comments on “Thomas’ English Muffins

  1. Kim, my very favorite combination is the cinnamon raisin Thomas’ English muffin with peanut butter. I love how it gets all melty! People at work look at me like I am absolutely insane when I eat it, but it is soooooo good!

  2. My mother used to buy them all the time also. I did love them at one point, but now not so much. I think I just went through a fad. The same thing happened with Eggo waffles.

  3. One of the Supermarkets at Riverbirch used to have a store baked “English Toasting Bread” that destroyed my taste for Thomas’. Same great texture but much better taste and it toasted up better (I expect more sugar in the ingredients but who cares?) Since I am alone and there were no preservatives, I used to pigout trying to beat the mold to the bread. Finally got wise and put the loaf in the freezer fresh from the store. One time through the toaster would thaw them, second time they would be tan, and third time toast. (my great pet peeve is tan ‘toast’ I find I must be quite firm in my orders for ‘dark toast’ when eating out. One breakfast only diner (Do we name names on these blogs?) produces warm bread when toast is ordered, request dark toast and they may get it up to tan. toasty brown is unknown there.
    At home it is real unsalted butter. (Heaven knows what you get in a diner!) or if my doctor has been at me again about fats, Reduced sugar marmalade. My British grandmother would be proud!

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