Lovely Day For a Parade!

It was a lovely day for a parade!  The Sanford Area Chamber of Commerce hosted the Sanford Christmas Parade this afternoon at 2:30.  I was concerned that it might be a bit nippy, as it has been most of the week, but it wasn’t – it was actually quite pleasant!  My only regret was that I didn’t take into consideration that I might not be sitting in the sun and left my jacket at home.  My sweater was enough and I wasn’t “cold”, but it was a little chilly and the jacket or maybe just a scarf and gloves would have made it just a tad more comfortable!  I arrived a little before 2:00 and picked a perfect spot right on the corner of Steele and Carthage – across from the TV cameras and judges table, so the entries all paused and performed right where I was sitting! 

All the entries looked great — there was everything from marching bands to professional floats to cars to home made floats!  I took several pictures and they all came out good!  Here are a few that I thought came out especially good – not necessarily my favorite entries cause they were all so good!  Click on the image to get a bigger view, if you need to!

The Southern Lee HS ROTC:


The Knights of Columbus Bag Pipe Band and Color Guard:



Smith Realty — how cute — leave it to Elizabeth to come up with something clever!


One of the five HS marching bands – I think this one was from North Durham!


Southern Lee HS Marching Band


One of the many professional floats – this one is Lee County YMCA


And what is a NC parade without a Tar Heels entry – this one full of fans, Santa in a Tar Heel football outfit, and a Carolina Blue Christmas Tree with a Ram topper!


Jammin’ out the Christmas tunes for the parade viewers…


Noah’s Arc…right here in Sanford!


Lee County HS Marching Band and Color Guard



And the grand finale — Santa riding in on Old Betsy!


I took the next two photos on my way home – I drove past Depot Park and noticed the red bows and kids playing on the train and families starting to gather for the evening’s festivities of lighting the Depot Park Christmas Tree.  I didn’t make it back to attend the event, but know it must have been a huge success!



One Comment on “Lovely Day For a Parade!

  1. you got us! 🙂 I saw your blog and thought “Awww, I must’ve missed her…” but from the pic, you were on the opposite said of the street that I was… we couldn’t have asked for much better weather, eh? cool enough to feel fall/wintery- but not col enough to freeze our batookases off. 🙂

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