Watch out for falling prices

Nope – I am not referring to Wal-Mart and their catch phrase!  I am referring to the gas prices!  They are dropping like bricks all over town!  I was thrilled to see them approaching $2.00 and BAM they were under $2.00!  My tank was full of little more than fumes on Thursday, so I popped in at Kelly’s full service station on 15/501 on the way home from work — they had it for $1.98 and it only took $28.00 to fill the tank!!!  Today, I noticed most station were at about $1.94! 

Other thoughts:

A favorite cold day treat for me is grilled peanut butter sandwiches with chicken noodle soup!  I really enjoy grilling a thick layer of peanut butter between two slices of fresh bread – the peanut butter melts out and the combination of the sticky PB and fresh bread makes the broth in the chicken noodle soup so special…I like to dunk the sandwich in the broth.  YUM!!!  That is what I decided to have for dinner tonight and it really hit the spot!!!

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Where are all my fellow bloggers — I miss having several different interesting or fun things to read every day!  Come out, come out, wherever you are….  I’ve been guilty of “blog slow down” myself!

Remember the Sanford Christmas Parade this Sunday – tomorrow!  It starts at 2:30 – click here for the route and more info.  Then, at 5:00, join the Christmas Tree Lighting event at Depot Park for food, music, and mingling with your neighbors – click here for more info.

A few weeks ago, I had a pedicure and made the very serious mistake of not speaking up and refusing to allow the technician to use one of those razor things to shave the dead skin off my heels.  It is actually illegal to use them and I know that!  I was concerned when I saw he was going use one, but thought about how rough my heels were and thought that it would probably be OK, so I didn’t say anything.  Well — ever since then, my heels have been super sore – they ache and burn – and they are rougher now than they were before he shaved them!  I won’t mention the salon cause I don’t like bashing local businesses on here.  But, I will say that I won’t ever go there again!  The first time I went, I was very impressed – I got a girl that did a GREAT job!  The second time I went, I was happy to get the same girl.  But, just after she got started, a couple came in that were obvious regulars – everyone perked up, called them by name, and acknowledged them.  All the technicians were working on other customers, so the manager reassigned the girl that was doing my pedicure to them and I sat there for quite a while waiting for someone else to get freed up to finish – it was the guy who used the shaver!  This was NOT the way to impress new customers!!!

Oh – My Cousin Vinny just came on A&E — gonna go watch it — one of the best comedies, ever!!!

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