Movie Review – Soul Men

soulmen_smallposter1I went to see Soul Men at Spring Lane Cinemas this afternoon.  I like Samuel L. Jackson in just about everything he does and think Bernie Mac is a hilarious comedian, so I felt like this was a sure winner!  And I wasn’t disappointed!

Before I get into my thoughts on the movie, I feel compelled to extend this warning — this is NOT a movie for children or anyone who is offended by non-stop use of the “MF” and “N” words or blatant sex jokes.  But – if that isn’t offensive to you or you don’t mind the kids hearing it, then this is a really funny movie!

It is the story of Floyd Henderson and Lewis Hines, played by Bernie Mac and Samuel L. Jackson, respectively.  The two were once part of a popular three man soul band in the 1970s.  After their front man went off on a solo career, Henderson and Hines went on as a duet team called The Real Deal.  They split up after they fought over a woman who was the love of both their lives – they went their separate ways.  Hines ended up in prison and a down and out ex-con.  Henderson became a successful businessman who’s nephew squeezed him out and took over the family business.  The front man that went solo went on to be a famous solo artist.  News of his death and a musical tribute at the Apollo Theater in NYC bring the two back together for a road trip across the country to perform together once again for the tribute show.  During the trip and continuing when they arrive at the Apollo, the pair engage in a series of hysterical mishaps and confrontations – including discovering that the woman who tore them apart all those years ago has since passed away and that she had a daughter the perfect age for one of them to be her father.

This is a really good story – very funny and even has a touching side!  The best part for me was watching tough guy Samuel L. Jackson in shiny suits singing and dancing to perfectly synchronized 1970s Temptations-type dance steps!  It was a hoot!

I recommend it for anyone who is looking for a good laugh and is OK with the warning noted at the beginning of this post.  I give it a B- rating – I took off a little because of all the bad language – I’m not necessarily overly offended by it in a movie setting (I tend to just overlook it in movies), but I think it was a little over done.  Otherwise, a very enjoyable movie!

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