Eric Clapton

Eric Clapton is undeniably the best and most influential guitarist in the history of rock and roll.  His music transcends time and appeals to all generations in one way or another.  I have had several triggers that made me think of Clapton and his music over the past few days – thoughts, scenes in movies, and hearing parts of songs on the radio or TV.  So, I went searching for clips of some of my favorites and found a couple really good ones.  All of these clips are live recordings – which is the best way to enjoy Clapton – along with thousands of adoring fans!

My very favorite one is “Cocaine”.  OK, so I don’t condone the use of drugs, but it is by far one of the best songs to just zone out to and to dance to – when this song starts, you can’t help but let it take you over!  It shows off Clapton’s incredible guitar talents and has a beat that rips right through you to take you to heights you can only imagine!  Who needs the drugs – just let the music take you there – close your eyes, sit back, and let the music move you…

Another favorite that always reaches out and grabs me right in the gut is “Layla”.  This is also a perfect example of why Clapton will never be forgotten and will likely never be equaled. 

On the more mellow side – a perfectly romantic slow dance song is “Wonderful Tonight”.  What a great way to spend time – in the arms of someone you care deeply for, swaying to the beautiful melody and lyrics of this amazing song — close your eyes and let it in — I dare you to try to not smile and feel the warmth and music touching your soul…

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