Movie Review = Mama Mia

I’ll bet no one is surprised to read that I just couldn’t wait to go see this movie later in the weekend…….in fact, I couldn’t even wait to see it at the usual Friday evening shows!! I went to the 5:15 show!

The ads began to tease us about the opening of this movie back in the first few months of the year! From the first time I saw it on the previews of another movie at the theater until 5:15 this evening, I was excitedly looking forward to the time I could actually see it!!! Lately, the songs and clips have been EVERYWHERE – I haven’t turned the TV on any time in the past 2-3 weeks without seeing something about the movie! The anticipation built to extreme levels – I began to wonder if the hype would over shadow the actual experience – would it end up being a huge let down?

I couldn’t imagine being let down, so I eagerly went to the theater tonight. Was I disappointed? Absolutely NOT!!! I was entertained by a movie that totally lived up to all expectations!! Was it funny? YES! Was it fun? YES! Was it hokey? YES! Did I care that it was hokey? NO! It added to the fun……… I would not recommend this for EVERYONE — it won’t be the type of movie that will be universally enjoyed! You have to be a musical comedy fan and you have to be an ABBA fan — if you are, you’re gonna love it!!! If not, don’t go – it will only irritate you and give you another reason to hate musical comedies! I, personally, really enjoy musical comedies! The hokier the better! And this one didn’t disappoint me!

I always like Meryl Streep – the range of this actress is incredible! From roles like the tormented woman trying to overcome her memories of living through the holocaust in Sophie’s Choice to a lonely farm wife in Bridges of Madison County to a woman caught up in a hysterical twist on vanity and desire to stay young forever in Death Becomes Her to the powerful fashion magazine editor in The Devil Wears Prada to Donna in Mama Mia and every role in between — she can do it all — drama, comedy, romance, and now musical comedy! Her characters are always memorable! This one is no exception! Her portrayal of Donna is full of emotion and fun! She’s not a singer or dancer, but that didn’t stop her from taking the character on and doing a slam dunk job! I was surprised to see how well she did – will she win a recording contract for her singing talents? Um – no — but she wasn’t bad and she tackled the role with enthusiasm and energy! I thought she was quite enjoyable!

I also enjoy Pierce Brosnan, but wasn’t sure about how I would react to hearing him sing! My apprehension had some merit — his singing left a lot to be desired — BUT — he tried and he wasn’t “terrible”! He was a good choice for the role, just probably not the best choice for the solos – they should have gave him songs that he was just one of many voices! But, that’s OK — he did a good job!

I would have liked to have seen more of Christine Baranski — she has sang and danced her way across Broadway for years and they could have used her talents more! But, she was perfect for the character they cast her in. The other one of Donna’s best friends was good, too.

The story was cute – the music was great – the dancing was fun – the experience was entertaining! I liked it!!!! But, like I said, not everyone will…….

Silliest scene: There was one dance number where all the young men on the island run out on the pier wearing swim trunks and flippers and they sing and dance and jump around on the pier with those flippers — it is funny, but really silly!!!

One Comment on “Movie Review = Mama Mia

  1. this is one of the few plays i’ve actually seen, which ended up being great… it’s funny to think of ol’ Pierce taking a stab at singing, yeeesh

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