Up and Coming

Things to check out this weekend:

The Stepping Stones fundraiser at the old Walmart store on Saturday the 19th!!! Lots of fun planned and plenty of ways to get some goodies (raffle, silent auction) all while helping a great organization build a playground that will be accessible for ALL their special children!!! Click here for more info!

Mama Mia at the Spring Lane Cinema!!! Yep, looks like Sanford got a copy!!! Just two more days until it opens on the 18th!!! How many of you are planning to see this sure-to-be-entertaining movie????? You can get show times at the Spring Lane Cinema web site once they are posted!

Other movies opening this weekend: The Dark Knight and Space Chimps — not that you’ll likely find me at either, BUT, someone might enjoy them!! ha-ha-ha

Looks like there is something for everyone this weekend!!!

  • So, what’s your preference, Sanford????
  • What’s everyone planning to do????
  • Did I miss something great happening this weekend we should all know about????

Talk to me,,,,,,

4 Comments on “Up and Coming

  1. I’m thinking this weekend is going to get rained out from that mess off western Florida in the gulf. Hopefully not! Assuming we dodge the bullet I’m aiming to go to the Stepping Stones benefit for a brief appearance before heading over to the Boy Scouts “Rocket Day” with the family. That will be the bulk of my Saturday. Rain, rain! Go away!

  2. Bite your tongue Joe Jon!! We can't get rained out!!!!!!! The weather just has to cooperate!

    I obviously plan to spend Saturday at the carnival. The rest of the weekend is all about R&R. I have rented PS I Love You and Bonneville to watch…if I can stay awake!

  3. I will also be at the gloomy-enough-to-make-it-cool-and- pleasant-but-NOT-rainy Stepping Stones carnival on Saturday! Then I am going to see Brad Paisley on Saturday night at Walnut Creek, for which the weather will also remain perfect I am sure. I would love to see Mamma Mia this weekend, but I’m not sure I’ll have the energy left! Please let me know how it is.

  4. There will definitely be a Mama Mia movie review by the end of the weekend – depending on when I decide to go see it!

    Brad Paisley???? Cool — let me know how THAT is!!!!

    Hope to see you at the carnival – I’ll probably pop in to see how things are going and maybe do some bidding!

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