What has grabbed my attention lately….

Let’s see — what has grabbed my attention in the past few days? I have found the following worth writing about:

  1. There was a great human interest story on the news today about the World’s Oldest Blogger – click here for the CNN version of the story! Miss Olive Riley passed away in Australia over the weekend – she was 108 years old. I started to check out her blog and intend to go back and read more. What I have read is fascinating! What a great story! I hope I’m still around and blogging when I’m 108!!! There are two blogs for Miss Olive — Worlds Oldest Blogger (a temporary blog) and All About Olive (her original blog – I understand there is some glitch causing trouble accessing this one).
  2. One of the segments on “Sunday Morning” – the CBS news show on Sunday mornings – was a very nice story on Doris Day. In the segment, they were interviewing Day’s friend and fellow actress, Kaye Ballard. Kaye made a great comment in quoting her friend as saying in a statement about why she prefers animals to people, “animals will never disappoint you” — how true, how true!!!
  3. The other segment on “Sunday Morning” that interested me was on Carousels. I LOVE Carousels. I have a collection of Carousel Horses and get all excited when I see one in person! Whenever I am somewhere that has a Carousel – especially a vintage one – I have to ride it. It gives me a huge thrill and really makes me happy! I don’t know what it is that makes them so special to me — the carnival music, the feel of the horses galloping and the wind blowing through my hair, or the excitement of trying to grab the gold ring — whatever it is, I just love them and can’t resist one when I see it!!! I have had the thrill of riding two of the most famous Carousels in the world — the one in Central Park in NYC and the one on Santa Monica Pier in California. This pics below are: 1st = Central Park Carousel; 2nd = Santa Monica Pier Carousel; 3rd = from my Carousel Horse collection – the one on top of the curio cabinet is a hand made one that was a gift from a friend many years ago!

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