Definitely NOT what I expected to find….

About 11:20, I let the girls out to do their business before we headed to bed. I went about getting things put up and getting ready for bed. I went to let them back in. Megan and Amy were on the deck waiting to come in. Katie was out in the yard by the shed, so I called to her. No response – she stayed right where she was laying on the ground. I called several times and she just looked at me and stayed right there. I tried the psychology approach that usually works with whichever one is more interested in staying out than coming back in — “OK, good night, Katie! We’re going to bed without Katie. Katie can stay out all night! Good night, Katie!” and shut off the porch light and shut the door. This usually gets their attention and they come running! Well, it didn’t work!!! I tried that 2 or 3 times, waiting with the light out and door shut for a few minutes between attempts. Getting very frustrated, I went out on the deck to get her attention — she looked fine — she would lay for a while, get up and walk around in a small area for a while, she wasn’t limping and didn’t seem “odd” other than not responding to my calls, which is unusual, but not totally unheard of….. So – in a last ditch effort, I got the box of biscuits and shook them to tempt her to come get a treat — that didn’t work EITHER!!!

OK – now, I’m getting concerned — I have been trying to lure her in for about 20 minutes or so — too long!!! Something is obviously not right!!! So, I put my shoes on and grabbed the flashlight to go out and see why she isn’t leaving the spot she has claimed by the shed. I head out there cautiously – it’s dark – I don’t know what I might find – my fear is it might be a snake or something or that she is hurt or sick or something! As I get closer, I see that she is guarding a dark pile of something — too big around and short to be a snake – one concern down!!! I slowly approach and shine the light on it and see that it is a DEAD RABBIT!!!! OMG!!!! My first thought is sadness that a cute little rabbit is dead!!! Then it dawns on me that she must have killed it!!! The poor little thing squeezed its way through the fence into our back yard and met its demise!!! And my sweet girl must have done it — maybe alone — maybe with the help of her sisters — don’t know, but…..I am always upset to be slapped back to reality and realize that my sweet girls are actually DOGS — they are treated and talked to like kids and usually act like kids, but every now and then, they remind me they are dogs and do “dog” things!!!

I came to my senses and realized I had to pick it up and toss it over the fence – YUCK! I reached for it and noticed that its little butt has been eaten on one side and its tail is gone — eeeewwww — not a pleasant sight or thought! Just as I start to grab it by the hind leg, Katie rushes in, grabs it, and runs!!! I yell, “DROP IT”, and she does — so I get up close again and this time I’m successful in picking it up by the hind leg. By grabbing it and running, Katie actually did me a favor – she dropped it closer to the fence, so it was easier for me to toss it over into the overgrown brush on the other side. Success!!!

Katie still won’t go in the house — I end up chasing her around the yard trying to get a hold of her collar to get her in the house!!! I finally grab her and get her in the house!!! WHEW!!!! Luckily, I was smart enough to shut the back door so Megan and Amy couldn’t get outside and complicate things — all three were inside!!

And the strangest part of the whole fiasco????? Yep, there was something even stranger than finding my dog guarding a dead rabbit with a half eaten butt!!! When we finally got in the house it was about 12:10 am, the TV was still on and Iron Chef was on — guess what the secret ingredient was??? Yep – RABBIT!!!! ha-ha-ha I couldn’t believe it!!! I just sat on the couch and cracked up!!! I laughed so hard I had tears in my eyes and my stomach started to hurt!!! The girls got all excited and thought I was nuts!!!

Katie keeps whining at the door — not sure if she didn’t have a chance to do her business and now needs to pee or if she just wants to go out and find her prize, but I’m not chancing it — she’s in, she’s staying in!!! If that means I end up with a mess to clean up cause she can’t hold it until morning, then so-be-it!!! No one goes back out tonight!!!

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