The short and high of it….

OK – there’s the problem:
  • I am 4 foot 11 and 3/4 inches tall
  • My house has 9 foot ceilings
  • I am petrified of heights, which includes being on a step ladder with more than 3 steps

Got the picture???? When I moved in, the ceiling lights in every room were those kind that are enclosed in and flush to the ceiling! uugghh — every time a light bulb blew, I was calling a friend or my son to come change it out for me or catching a visitor while they happen to be here!!! I don’t like depending on anyone else for anything — I wanna be able to do it myself and when I want to have it done – not wait for someone else to have time to help!!! So – I had all but a couple changed to ceiling fans with the tulip type lights, which killed two birds with one stone: 1. gave me the ability to move the air around in the rooms and 2. made the light bulbs easily accessible and low enough to be able to reach them on a small step ladder and a little stretching.

But I still have an issue with the smoke alarms! Even if I make myself climb the bigger ladder I have out in the shed (which I have been known to suck it up and climb when I really need to), it is not tall enough to raise my not-quite-five-foot frame up high enough to reach the smoke alarms that barely extend an inch from the ceiling!!!! I am not one of those people who routinely change out the batteries every time the time changes – I know I should, I just don’t – so there! So, this morning I was very rudely nudged awake by a loud chirp every couple of minutes!!! Oh no, one of the smoke alarms has a dead or dying battery!!!! It is EXTREMELY irritating and just happens to be the one in the hallway, so I can’t even just close the door to muffle it!!! I may just go insane before I can get someone to come change out the battery!!!

On a slightly odd note — it doesn’t seem to be bothering the girls at all. They don’t seem to even notice it! I find that odd because of the fact that dogs have such acute hearing. When Puddles was alive, that was something that drove her bonkers – when we had a smoke alarm chirping, she would pace around and whine and look up at it in total disgust! Not Katie, Megan, or Amy – they are going about business as usual……..wish I could!!!!

2 Comments on “The short and high of it….

  1. I’m 6’7″ Kim, and change light bulbs in the homes of those of shorter stature. For a modest fee, of course. I’m thinking about taking it up full time.

    heh heh

  2. I actually thought about you today – I thought “I know someone who could probably change the battery without even using a ladder at all….” Before I went to get the new ladder at Lowes and force myself to get up there myself (see follow up post), I would have probably paid you any amount you wanted!! ha-ha-ha

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