I guess it was bound to happen….

For the last couple of weeks, I have been leaving Megan and Amy to run free in the house when I am gone. They are almost 2 and I thought it was about time to test their maturity and see how they do…….so far so good!!! Until today!!! I got home from work and instead of the praise and playful excitement we’ve shared lately, I was in shock and then blew my stack!!! One of the cushions on the love seat (the one that is part of the couch/love seat set I just bought a couple months ago to replace the couch and chair they destroyed when they were puppies) was on the floor with a huge gaping hole in one side and a good portion of the foam shredded all over the living room floor!!!!!

I could not believe it!!! I yelled, called them bad girls, let them out to pee, and then put them in their confined space without dinner!!! I left the mess right where it was and went to meet a friend for dinner and cool down! When I got home, I fed them, let them out, and cleaned up the mess. I acted like I was still mad and didn’t want to talk to them — that drove them nuts!!!! I finally let them make their apologies and we “made up”!!!

The cushion can be fixed, I think — the fabric tore at the seams and they reached in to pull the foam out. I’ll take it to Todd’s or somewhere and see if they can put a new foam block in it and stitch it up for me.

I’m wondering when they are going to grow up — both Puddles and Katie settled right down and stopped all the destruction when they turned 2 — I hope Megan and Amy aren’t going to be the exceptions to that rule………..Will I ever be able to have nice things again????

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