And The Trophy Goes To….

Kristie Yamaguchi!!! Duh!!!

The winner in the 6th season of Dancing With The Stars is Kristie! It was sorta anti-climatic because she was the odds-on fan favorite from the beginning and was at the top of the leader board almost every week! Barring an upset, she was a shoe in!

Don’t mistake the last paragraph to mean I didn’t enjoy this season! I DID!!! It was full of excitement, drama, and amazing accomplishments from all the contestants! It was also the first season that the fan voting didn’t seem out of whack! In past seasons, the popularity of some contestants kept them on long after they were obviously no longer a valid contender AND some that were amazing and should have made it much further went home early because they just didn’t get the fan votes!!! This season, it progressed much more in line with the abilities of the contestants – although it got tough towards the end cause they all deserved to go all the way, but one had to go home each week!!!

It was a great season — my only negative was that tonight’s show was very anti-climatic — there was no surprise ending – no “gee, I wonder who’s gonna win”! The recap of the highlights from the season was nice, but I saw it all when it happened —- so, basically, I didn’t need to bother watching tonight at all! I could have just confirmed my suspicions by reading about Kristie on line! But, then, if there HAD been an upset, I would have drop kicked myself into the middle of next week for missing it!!!! ha-ha-ha-ha-ha

Now it is over — and I’m already wondering who will be in the line up of stars for NEXT season and looking forward to it starting!!!!

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