Don’t Try This….

OK – have you ever been out in a major hail storm in a convertible???? Not something I would recommend!!!!

I was at the monthly CIS Board meeting after work. When it adjourned, some of us mingled a little and then I stood outside talking to our Executive Director about some things we need to get done and we looked up at the sky and decided we’d better head home to try to avoid being out in what was obviously going to be a nasty storm. I no more than got in my car and it started to rain. Now, I’m not squeamish about these things — so I had to drive in the rain — no big deal — at least I wasn’t out walking in it!!! So, I headed toward The Dairy Bar to get some supper. As I crossed Horner, it started coming down REALLY hard, so I switched gears (in my mind – not the car) and headed toward McDonald’s to just go through the drive thru. Well, I stopped at the first 4-way there on Gulf Street and started hearing these enormously loud bangs on the roof and then saw the hail hitting the hood of my car — no, not just hail — BOULDERS!!!! It was deafening in the car!!!! The hail was bouncing off the hood and crashing against the windows and bombarding the roof – the rag top roof ————— I was suddenly petrified that it was going to break a window or damage the roof or the paint!!!! And it got really eerie out — a strange gray haze, driving rain you could barely see through, and that hail!!!!!! Supper was no longer a priority — I needed to get my butt home!!!!! It was not a pleasant drive up Hawkins with traffic moving at a snail’s pace and barely able to see beyond the front end of the car — but, I wasn’t about to stop!!!

I made it home OK and pulled the pony into the garage — no damage!!!! BUT – I have a headache, stiff neck, and aching shoulders ——- time to order a pizza and wind down with the season finale of Dancing With The Stars!!!!

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