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2016 Daily Photo – Jan 26-27

Here are my Daily Photos for January 26-27: TUESDAY, JANUARY 26: “At The Carwash” WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 27: “Neighborhood Deer” And, here’s one more of the deer:

2016 Daily Photo – Jan 25

Today’s Daily Photo for January 25th deserves to be posted all by itself… that it doesn’t make any other photos jealous by its overwhelming beauty!!! 🙂 “Snow Caps on Lake Ontario” Taken this afternoon at Point Breeze!

Seagulls and Ducks at Point Breeze – 01-25-16

So, I was out and about today….getting groceries, popped in to see Mom….you, know! And, on a whim, I decided to take a quick trip to Point Breeze to see how the river and the lake are doing with the weather and see if… Continue Reading “Seagulls and Ducks at Point Breeze – 01-25-16”

Blue Jays Feeding – 01-25-16

One of my favorite things to do is watch the birds enjoying the bird buffet I have put out for them in my front yard- especially the blue jays and cardinals – such beautiful birds! I have been a little disappointed that they seem… Continue Reading “Blue Jays Feeding – 01-25-16”

2016 Daily Photo – Jan 23-24

So…..looks like the theme for my 2016 Daily Photos for January 23 and 24 is ICE, ICE, BABY!!! SATURDAY, JANUARY 23: “Butterflies and Icicles” SUNDAY, JANUARY 24: “Frozen Tears on the Weeping Maple” This is the result of my practicing with Aperture-Priority Mode on… Continue Reading “2016 Daily Photo – Jan 23-24”

2016 Daily Photo – Jan 18-19

The Daily Photos for January 18 an 19 were both taken on my back patio and depict the fact that winter has, indeed, made an appearance! MONDAY, JANUARY 18: “Picnic, Anyone?” TUESDAY, JANUARY 19: “Snow on the Roses”

2016 Daily Photo – Week of Jan 11-17

Here are the 2016 Daily Photos taken the week of January 11-17. It wasn’t intentional, but there seems to be a wintery theme going through them! MONDAY, JANUARY 11 “Cold Buffet” (The Bird Buffet is full, but not many takers on this chilly day)… Continue Reading “2016 Daily Photo – Week of Jan 11-17”

2016 Daily Photo – Jan 8

And, today’s Photo of the Day for Friday, January 8, 2016, just might be more of a Statement of the Day: “Hazy Winter Day Sun” Taken at 3:00 pm!