You Never Know Just What You May Find

I went out to Mount Albion Cemetery, today, as I do frequently on pretty days, like today is. As I drove along, I discovered a large portion of a big, old tree had broken off. I decided that I’d stop and take a photo to possibly use as my Daily Photo (it did get chosen, so you’ll see that photo in a couple of days when I post the final four photos for November). I walked around and got a good shot and headed back to my car. Just as I was getting in the car, I looked up and noticed a very large, beautiful woodpecker having some lunch on the fresh wood of the tree where the section broke away. I thought, DANG…..wish I had noticed him when I was closer. I decided to try to get as close as I could to get his photo, as well……unfortunately, I didn’t have my 300 mm zoom lens with me, so I knew I’d have to get pretty close to get a good picture of him. Fearing that I might scare him off and lose the shot completely, I took several photos at various distances to ensure I got him before he flew away…..even if it wouldn’t be the best photo! I actually was able to get fairly close — not as close as I’d like, but close enough. Just as I took the last photo I was able to get, he looked right at me and flew off!!!


I hoped for a closer shot, but this one is pretty exciting!!!


I cropped this one to bring it in closer!

All excited, I rushed home to get my 300 mm lens and went back, hoping maybe he returned after I left, but no such luck! I will surely take it with me whenever visiting the cemetery for a while…..chances are, this will be a favorite meal spot for him until it heals over. I really want a nicer photo of this beautiful creature! If I’m lucky enough to get one, you’ll definitely find it posted here! 🙂

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