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Murder and Mayhem Torch-Lit Tour of Albion

Last night I…..and over a hundred of my closest and dearest friends……attended an after dark walking tour of our little village and listened to some stories about Murder and Mayhem involving our early settlers and prominent citizens of long ago! It was led by… Continue Reading “Murder and Mayhem Torch-Lit Tour of Albion”

September Daily Photo Challenge – Week One

September is here, already……Autumn is soon upon us with chilly mornings, crisp cool air, pumpkins, and vibrant color changes!!! Hard to believe this year has flown by in the blink of an eye! So……here is the first week of Daily Photos for September……the theme… Continue Reading “September Daily Photo Challenge – Week One”

June Daily Pics – Part Three

Goodbye June and the first half of 2019…….Hello July and welcome to the second half of the year!!! WOW…… So, here’s the last of my June Daily Photos….you know the drill – the topic is listed below each photo! A STORY UNEXPECTED THIS SEASON… Continue Reading “June Daily Pics – Part Three”

June Pics – Part Two

Here’s the next batch of June Daily Photos……you know the drill…….daily topic is under each photo! 🙂 PURPLE CHOCOLATE IN A BOWL CIRCLE PEACE I WATCHED THIS “Hi, I’m Robin! What’s your name?” MONEY ON MY MIND (not much on this gorgeous first day… Continue Reading “June Pics – Part Two”

May Daily Photos – Part Two

Man, oh Man……May sure FLEW by! Yeah, I know – I still owe you posts from my Transatlantic Cruise……I’ll get them up – I promise…..I’m just not promising WHEN I’ll get them up!!! Life sure has a way of getting crazy on us! Between… Continue Reading “May Daily Photos – Part Two”

Joy, Smiles, and Blessings

Yep… was a weekend of joys and blessings and lots of smiles! Saturday night, I attended an Easter Cantata put on by several churches in the area – 60 people from 17 churches performed in “Come Walk With Me”, telling the story of Jesus… Continue Reading “Joy, Smiles, and Blessings”

March Fave Daily Photos – Second Half

March is done……and, it definitely went out like a lion!!! What was supposed to be a quick cold spell and a bit of snow turned into a VERY snowy afternoon and evening, today! But, we will be back in the 50’s on Tuesday and… Continue Reading “March Fave Daily Photos – Second Half”

March Fave Daily Shots – Part One

The calendar tells us Spring will begin in two days! Sure hope Mother Nature has a calendar and refers to it! LOL Seriously, there are signs that Spring is, in deed, here and ready to start bringing all the joys that Spring so aptly… Continue Reading “March Fave Daily Shots – Part One”

January Daily Photo Summary!

Yeah, yeah……I know……I’ve been absent on here this month!!! January is a tough month — the let down from the holidays — winter really digs in her heals — it seems like the longest month in history!!! But, all that aside, it wasn’t a… Continue Reading “January Daily Photo Summary!”

Last Daily Photos of 2018

So, here we are at the final hours of 2018…….soon, we’ll start a new year and a new annual photo challenge! For now, here are the some of my favorites from December since the last post……right up to today’s final 2018 photo! The daily… Continue Reading “Last Daily Photos of 2018”