Riverdance Adventure – 04-09-22

So…..today, I got on a bus with my adventure buddy and 40+ other people and went to see Riverdance at the beautiful historic Shea’s Theater in Buffalo. The day trip was put together by the Busy Buddies group I belong to…..always great trips and fun things to do!

All I can say is WOW……

I always wanted to see this performance and now that I have, I can say it was worth the wait! Absolutely fabulous!!! This was the 25th anniversary performance.

I thought it was just about the dance, but it is so much more — it is dance and song and music and story and emotion with beautiful backdrops and so much talent and energy and excitement…..and, yes, it’s about the dance, too!

Shea’s Theater is incredible – such a beautiful work of art and architecture and history. This was my second time seeing a show at Shea’s. I saw Jersey Boys there a few years ago with the same adventure buddy that went with me, today. You get a special feeling sitting in the seats and looking around at the ornate arches, balconies, and architecture. Simply stunning!

Don’t let the empty seats fool you……we got there a bit early and I took these photos before it filled in! My friend and I were lucky, though – the seats on each side of us were empty, so we had some nice elbow room – lucky for me because the girl in front of me was very tall and would have almost totally blocked my view if I wasn’t able to lean onto my arm rest to comfortably look around her.

It was great to go on a group bus trip – yeah, we could have driven ourselves and got our own tickets….and spent less in the long run…..but, we would have had to drive, find a place to park, pay for parking, deal with city traffic……this way, we got on a bus right here in town, someone else did the driving, they dropped us off right at the door and picked us up at the door after…..AND…..the day trip cost included dinner, too!!!

After the show, we went to Sean Patrick’s restaurant. I’d never been there, but had heard it was very nice. Well…..that’s an understatement! It is a very ornately decorated restaurant. We had a banquet room with just our group at several large round tables. The waiters were wonderful.


You know I can’t resist taking a selfie when I see something like this…..hehehe

The meal choices were chicken french or strip steak…..I chose the strip steak.

The meal began with delicious warm rolls and a cup of Italian Wedding Soup — so good!!! Then a very nice salad. Then, the main course – the entree’s were served with mashed potatoes and a vegetable medley of broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, summer squash, zucchini, and carrots and the steaks also had an onion ring on top. Then, the meal was capped off with a scoop of vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup and whipped cream….perfection!!!

I have to say I was concerned about the steak — NY Strip isn’t a very fatty cut, so not so forgiving if it is cooked too much (unlike, say, a ribeye that has more fat and can take a little longer cook) and they didn’t ask us how we wanted it cooked and they were cooking a large group all to be served at the same time – not easy……I’m pretty picky about my steaks – I like it medium rare and if it is slightly more rare, that’s OK, too! I was sure it was going to be cooked too much for my liking — and, when I cut into it, it was definitely a tad over medium……I don’t know how they did it, but it was amazing — tender, juicy, and had incredible flavor!!! They did a GREAT job….it was absolutely delicious and very enjoyable to eat!!!

It was a wonderful day……fabulous show……great meal……good friends……fun conversations……and someone else drove!!! We left town at noon and returned at 8:00.

Another great adventure in the memory banks!!!

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