December Daily Photo Challenge – 2

OK…, as of last night, I now have my tree up and the house as decorated as it’s going to get…to be fair, a few decorations were already up – I just got the tree and the bulk of the “what-nots” out and in place last night. But…..I still have not wrapped a single gift or sorted through them to be sure I’m not missing something! So, I’m a bit closer to being ready for Christmas than I was in the last post, but barely! hehehe

That said…..let’s get on with this group of December Daily Photo pics:




Bet you can’t look at that photo without thinking of Merle Haggard’s “Silver Wings”…..hehehe




Stockings for “us”… for me and one for Megan! 🙂

That’s all for now…….who’s betting I’ll be completely ready for Christmas by the next group of Daily Photos post (won’t say “next post”, cause I just might get ambitious and write something in between)??? No takers? Yeah…..odds are not in your favor on that one! hehehe

4 Comments on “December Daily Photo Challenge – 2

    • Thanks for the Merle Haggard song, He always was a great entertainer. My question: Why is the orchard so angry? They can drink hard cider all day long!

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