November Daily Photo Challenge – # 1

Hello, November! We ended Daylight Savings Time, last night……it will be rough getting used to it getting dark by like 5:00-ish, but I am really glad it will be light when I get up and let Megan out to do her business about 7:00-ish each morning! Everything in life is a trade-off…..give and take…..ying and yang… get the idea!!! But, there is no trade-off, here……I’m going to offer up the first set of November Daily Photos and you don’t have to give up anything in return, except a few minutes of your time….and, I bet it’ll be worth it! šŸ™‚

Just a reminder……we’re doing colors for the November challenge topics….here goes:








My last dahlia……literally THE last one in the bed that is still in it’s prime!!!

Catch ya next time!!!

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