13+ Years….Happy Anniversary!!!

WordPress reminded me that 13 years ago, today – September 19, 2008 – I registered my domain and Blog title on WordPress. WOW – 13 years!!!

But….that isn’t actually where it all started! My very first blog post was on August 13, 2007 – just slightly over a year before it’s current location. I started out using Blogger for my blog, but moved it to WordPress after talking with other blogging friends and learned that WordPress was more user friendly.

On this date, 13 years ago, I registered this domain and, luckily, they had a tool where I could move all my previous posts over to WordPress from Blogger…..so, I didn’t lose a little more than a year’s worth of posts.

My blog has evolved a lot in these past 14 years! When I started, I used it like a sort of a diary……every day (or every couple of days), I wrote a brief little “story” about something interesting that I did or that happened on that particular day……the actual “thing” may not have been all that interesting, but I wanted to work on my creative writing skills from many years prior to turn whatever “it” was into an interesting story.

Over time, I added recipes, movie reviews, book reviews, and stuff that was going on in my community (at that time I was living in Sanford, NC). Once I retired, I started using it more to highlight my newly found love of amateur photography and adventures. (and, by the way….I have now been doing the Daily Photo Challenge for almost 6 years – I started in January 2006, so once I complete the current year, I’ll have 6 full years of Daily Photos…..another WOW!!!)

Sometimes I think I need to do more of what I originally wanted for my blog to fill in between the photos and adventures…….I really would like that……if I can get myself motivated and in the habit of doing it!!! 🙂

So…….HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO ME AND WORDPRESS…….a match made in heaven!!!

Here’s to many, many more years blogging, adventuring, and photographing……..

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